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How do u remove the nut valve for recharging the ac
I just had m oil changed when the engine light came on which was 4500 miles after previous oil change. The reading at an auto parts store said it is the P0299 code. I would like to replace the sensor but can not locate it? there are no diagrams online to help. Do you have one?
where is location of leak detection pump 2008 LR2 , with 6 cyl eng. and diagram or where to find on web.?
Should i remove the dash

What seems to make the problem better or worse? car gurgles and burbs then dies, restart a few times then it runs smooth, and alarm will go off randomly
How long have you had this problem? off and on for about 4 months
also now when I start the car and drive off sometimes the door lock clicks 2 times,3 times,4 times the clicking travels aroud to different doors and all are closed(does not signal door is open)
Vehicle won't start
I had my battery recharge after my Land Rover seen to be hesitate about starting sometimes. After I put the battery back in after charging it chank once and wouldn't chank again. I read in the owner's manual if you hold down on the start button you might discharge the battery.
The alarm locks the car but will sound the alarm after a few minutes. Does it just once them stops.
Any clues as to why?
A dealership has this vehicle for sale
It was great shape, need a winter vehicle so I can park my doge challenger for the winter
They were over priced on it started at 10
Got them to come down 1500
But the sunroof will not open
I said 8400 for it
They said 8800
And I walked
They won't fix it
Ideas ??? Cost??
Has 135,000 mi.
oil level fine
Checked fuses and can't find any burned out
I think the sensor got wet. I didn't submerge it. It was like 4in. Of water but I was goin fast enough that water came over the hood and splashed along the side. Also someone told me let the sensor dry out it'll be fine.
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