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also now when I start the car and drive off sometimes the door lock clicks 2 times,3 times,4 times the clicking travels aroud to different doors and all are closed(does not signal door is open)

Vehicle won't start

I had my battery recharge after my Land Rover seen to be hesitate about starting sometimes. After I put the battery back in after charging it chank once and wouldn't chank again. I read in the owner's manual if you hold down on the start button you might discharge the battery.

The alarm locks the car but will sound the alarm after a few minutes. Does it just once them stops.
Any clues as to why?

A dealership has this vehicle for sale
It was great shape, need a winter vehicle so I can park my doge challenger for the winter
They were over priced on it started at 10
Got them to come down 1500
But the sunroof will not open
I said 8400 for it
They said 8800
And I walked
They won't fix it
Ideas ??? Cost??

Has 135,000 mi.
oil level fine

Checked fuses and can't find any burned out

I think the sensor got wet. I didn't submerge it. It was like 4in. Of water but I was goin fast enough that water came over the hood and splashed along the side. Also someone told me let the sensor dry out it'll be fine.

I have the mirror side and windows switch not work can I now the fuse number

It jacks too on motion

It does Make a click sound every time I try. I can see all light on panel,but te engine does not go. It show me some service code.

I believe that the end gate used to unlock when the other doors unlocked. Now the only way I can unlock is to push the end gate unlock button on the remote. The problem with that is that I have to turn off the vehicle and remove the remote in order to open my back gate.

We are a 2 rover family (both 2009 LR2 HSE). If the cars sit for a while (say, while on vacation) and you come to start them:
1) Fob will not unlock doors (must open with key portion)
2) Vehicle "rejects" fob when you try to insert it
3) Vehicle will not start without a boost
The nanosecond that the positive pole receives the booster cable, the vehicle goes into "panic" mode (flashing and honking)and then you can insert the fob and start the vehicle.
This is insane - it can't be an identical fault on TWO vehicles?
I travel a lot for business and can't constantly be worrying that when I come home to park & fly say, in Jan or Feb - I live in Toronto!) that my car won't start! Jeez - my $9,000 Toyota Tercel never let me down.... Any comments, guys?

odometer is only 19000 miles

Dealer states all systems within acceptable limits. Cannot determine problem part(s).

2010 Land Rover LR2 HSE
26000 miles

2008 land rover lr2 HSE gas engine. I think I can reuse the painted door portion. I just need to find a new hinge

On 12/5/12 at 44,787 miles all four of the wheel bearings were replaced at Land Rover of San Antonio, part of the Cavender auto group. I heard a roaring noise and they found all four hub bearing assemblies needed to be replaced. The cost was $2,231.62 . I appealed to them that my wife drives this car, to and from work,then to the stores. I called the parent company and they paid $1,000.00 of my bill. On 12/20/13 at 61,100 miles I drove my wife's car and heard the rear end making noise again. I thought perhaps it was the tires I purchased at Sears. The tires were good but they had two mechanics confirm it was the rear bearings. I went directly to Land Rover of San Antonio and they said they only warranty the work for one year and that I am 15 days over. I told them they are either useing defective parts or do not know what they are doing. They also told me to go and call Land Rover of America myself and see if they will help. Also last week, while closing the sunroof the right guide bar fell off . The cost of repair, $565.00 My 53 year old wife only drives to and from work on the interstate and to the stores. This car has never been off the pavement. My question, how long should sealed wheel bearings last?

The back brakes was replace before the front brakes..

I wear my seatbelt almost all the time but sometimes I do forget. This is more for when I have a passenger that doesn't wear their seatbelt and sometimes if I have my backpack or a gallon of water that I'm bringing to work it chimes and drives me crazy.

Can someone help me with these few quetions I have here pleae. How much would it cosst for these items. Thank You

1.Oil chage
2.Changing out an Alternator
3.Replacing the transmission
4.A regular tune-up
5.Replacing a starter
6.Installation of an aftermarket satellite radio system
7.Window tint
8.4 new tires ( price must include mounting, balancing and price of the tire)
9.Full car detail (wash, wax and interior)
10. And can I get two different pricing quotes

where can I get an oil change for my land rover in beaumont texas

None of the window control switches and mirror controls on drivers door work. Mirrors adjust on reverse automatically as usual, however. A1 fuse is ok. All other windows work with their door switches.

left front windiw &rightt window dont work fuses all ok sun roof & left froht power seat not working