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In the morning it may or may not be on around 3:00 its off it back on at night sometimes
Loads of smoke from exhaust tail pipe wen startin of with engine cold , mostly clearing as engine heats up ,oil fine ,water fine , power fine ,engine tickin noise comming from down behind driver side front wheel
Turns over great but will not start. Checked for spark at cylinders#1&2 and determined it has no spark. Fuel pump comes on. Replaced cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor. All 6 coils packs are about 6 months old. Checked all fuses under hood and in glovebox. I had noticed a stall in the engine going from reverse to drive at acceleration on occasion.
P1160 2x's
P1132 2x's
P0171 2x's
Horn sound relay sound
What is the firing order of LR2 6cylinder inline engine. How to setting valve timing and that time which piston in TDC.The car model is Freelander 2007 model
04 freelander 2.5L the engine fuse blows and ignition coil for cyl#4 gets hot and melts
when i test driver circuit middle wire w/test light to pos. it powers up the ecm w/ koeo
never seen coil melt before.
My Land Rover Freelander is a 2002 It acts like its not getting gas when you push on the gas pedal I changed fuel pump Any other ideals on what it could be
Battery, starter and Motor good
replaced head gaskets, replace crank sensor, not running hot or leaking. was running good month ago, fuel pump r&r and filter changed out coil plug no. 1 still no spark from number 1 .
Trying to decide whether to rebuild a 2.5 liter V6 to Sandra fire crate motor
Thermostat leak happened for the first time as i parked it and came out two days ago. The water flushed out over the left front wheel (as you're sitting in) and the fans don't seem to work.
The exhaust leaked for the first time 3-4 months ago and does it every now and then, in both hot and cold weather conditions.
The key will not turn to open driver & pass doors. Rear right passenger door can't open from outside & with child safety on, it won't open from inside. Rear window does not close completely. Pls help
i have to go every week to diagnostic to drive my car without problem
Please notify me if you need a picture
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