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I have a message special program system and ac blower motor not working and perform self test thur navigation screen got code tv/rse video input failure

when accelerate form 1st to 2nd gear it not shifting to the 2nd gear stuck in the 1st and the RPM rise . Had to turn car off and back on and then it worked

vehicle starts normal and move when going into fourth gear it takes a jerk and stuck in the third gear -message screen shows at that time - Transmission fault Limited gears only- can any body help that what is wrong with vehicle-/ range rover vouge 4.2 super charged model 2007- thanks

Light on, suspension dropped, brakes shake bad, front seat control quit

My idle Control motor stays running after the key is out the ignition and it drains the battery to the point it won't start no more

also now when I start the car and drive off sometimes the door lock clicks 2 times,3 times,4 times the clicking travels aroud to different doors and all are closed(does not signal door is open)

Nothing. Now it says the battery is weak. Could this be the problem.?

This occurs every 150-200 miles. I have experienced the hard shift problem described below, message will clear, but I notice difficulty accelerating from 1st gear

Driving down a long hill, backing off the excelerator, results in Message Center displaying ENGINE PERFORMANCE REDUCED message; also frequently getting a Message Center message of CRUISE CONTROL NOT AVAILABLE

The AC is not as cold as it used to be

at normal driving condition

Drive to work fine. Got ready to leave and it will turn over but won't start.

What do these codes mean and how do I fix this?

My Land Rover Freelander is a 2002 It acts like its not getting gas when you push on the gas pedal I changed fuel pump Any other ideals on what it could be

My 03 range rover was leaking oil so i change crankcase which builds pressure and makes oil leak out of different area's so I put a new one put everything back together and now the truck won't start and idk y

As slowing to a stop, brakes seem not to
hold, making grawling kind of noise as more
pressure applied, then put the truck into P
to stop. Is this abs or some sort, sensor
problem or is it the beginning of the end
of the truck, I think this model/Year had a
engine problem? Thank you very much.

Happen 3 times, making grawling kind of
noise while braking. Is it my abs or a sensor or??
Thank you. JRS

While driving at normal speed then you accelerate kicks out of here gearbox code comes on I have to pull over and turn the vehicle off and restart

Battery, starter and Motor good

When I get the message.. "limit - - - mph" what do I do?

when I open the door, my courtesy lights are not coming on

Vehicle won't start

replaced head gaskets, replace crank sensor, not running hot or leaking. was running good month ago, fuel pump r&r and filter changed out coil plug no. 1 still no spark from number 1 .

The transmission fault warning came on

The radio goes on and off all the time..

Want to know if it's the tramission or if the fluid is low??

My vehicle can operate at normal temp for 20 minutes while parked. Once I drive it a few blocks it will boil the coolant and leak out at the expansion tank.

After it was installed when I started it it was misfiring and there was allot of fuel coming out the exhaust pipes anyone have the same problem?

used to be, the map would change position and the cursor would always be pointing up.
now the map is always facing north and the cursor changes position

is it necessary to remove the windshield while R&I'ing the headliner on this vehicle and, if it is, can the windshield be R&I'd or must it be replaced?