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Electrical System Fault
I am having some problems with my 2008 range . It started with the Tire Pressure warning light turning on. Then I would see a Tire Pressure Monitoring Fault while driving down the road and on the stereo I see something like Vehicle Fault: System is shutting down. Then the stereo and heat and Dashboard shut down. Then when I got back home and put the car in park, I got a Parking Break Fault message and the parking break light started blinking.

Any ides as to how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any help.

When car is turned off and parking light is blinking on dash, car will not start up. Parking light eventually shuts off and after car sits for a while it will start up normally with no dashboard warnings or anything. I have driven the car about 15 minutes before all the error messages mentioned

above come on in the ve
Gear box warning light comes on only when it's rains.
Height sensor
parking brake noise, and replace the actuator module with brand new, but the problem is not solve, now is blinking light ,parking brake off lift switch to apply,and making scretching noise,what do i do ?
I would be grateful for any feedback or experience anyone has on this the reliability of this vehicle. I've been researching Range Rovers for a while and I LOVE the style and amenities but I'm cautious/insecure about their reliability, especially since the model I like most, is an older one. Many thanks for your help~ Jennifer
just went out to my 2006 range rover and turned the key but car wont start, the wipers came on and the dome light but when i tried to put it in neutral and push it out of the garage it would not let me move the stick....
Turns over great but will not start. Checked for spark at cylinders#1&2 and determined it has no spark. Fuel pump comes on. Replaced cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor. All 6 coils packs are about 6 months old. Checked all fuses under hood and in glovebox. I had noticed a stall in the engine going from reverse to drive at acceleration on occasion.
P1160 2x's
P1132 2x's
P0171 2x's
What would cause this on a 2011 range rover? Vehicle raises then after a alittle drive time the error pops up.
My 2013 Range Rover seems to be dead. I can get inside the car. But the trunk won’t open, the glove department won’t open and the key fob doesn’t work.
I have a Landrover Lr3 2006 ..It won't move the transmission fault is reading on the dashboard an the transmission light came on in yellow
Heat blows warm from mid and upper vents, but doesn’t blow from the bottom feet vents at all. What could be wrong?
Looking through front wheels, there`s a casing round brake disc, its rattling and noisey, can i tighten it or is it a mechanics job. Is this dangerous to be driving with??
I have lost power steering and the ebs light is flashing this happened at the same time I have change an ebs sensor on the front wheel that looked corroded still have the problems
Horn sound relay sound
Should i remove the dash
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