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I put key in ignition and makes noise with motor with lights on but won't start engine?
It cranks but won't start up what to do
there is a mini second of a cranking noise but nothing happens except the dashboard lights up and a lot of warning icons pop up. the engine does not run.
i have to shut the car off for the lights to go off or else it sets off an alarm if i leave the car.
So my air whether it’s cold or hot barely blows at all out of the vents including the defrost. What could be the cause of this?
i need to figure out how to remove the alternator went from the bottom of vehicle removed both bolts cant seem to get too wiring need to know what needs to come off to remove alternator
Replaced rear brakes and can't get the drum back on and can't find any adjustment anywhere
Blowing warm air
This morning i heard the van beeping when it hadn't been running all night.
I unlocked the door and started it. It ran fine. I took my truck to work so I don't know if it's still beeping.
What could be the cause?
RPMS will rise high but not red line. Car won't shift automatically to next gear. The car will not speed up after a certain point even with the pedal pressed to the floor. The gear must be shifted manually for increase gear and speed up.

2011 Kia Sorento LX
approximately 100,000 miles
need to replace valve cover gasket because oil is getting into spark plug well
For quite some time now my alarm will go off for no reason. It doesn’t happen often. Maybe once or twice a week regardless of how often it’s been driven or how long it’s been parked.
Parked kia sportage, no problems, Would not start next morning, change batteries in key fores, still will not start. Message states use while system running to avoid batter discharge.
it Won’t change from defrost or floor to vents but will blow on other settings
My car wont start. The fuel filter has already been change including spark plug but the car still does not start. Had been scanned. Found out that the ecu is not responding. Can it be fixed without buying a new one. I learned that ecu is expensive! Thank you for the answer.
Passenger window won’t go down. Both master switch and window switch. Motor works when switches are pressed upwards but no repose when pressed downwards. What could be the issue?
I have a p0300 code. My short term fuel trims show 24% when at idle and it drops when I rev the engine up. I hear a sucking sound from the depression chamber. Convinced it’s vacuum related but can’t tell. Also my oil light is on, but my oil is at a good level
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