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The dashboard lights go dim when I use any extra power, radio, heat, electric windows, and so forth. Then there is a high pitch sound like grinding or squealing. Then the car will start losing power.the more often I have the alternator replaced, it seems they are not lasting very long at all, anywhere from 5 months to now this last one about 3 weeks. I was told by my mechanic that the computer needs to be reset and updated, have you heard this may be the problem? I have not had the computer done yet. Please help.
After dead battery was replaced only lock that works on remote or inside switch is drivers door. All other locks wont activate either with internal switch or remote activation? They can only be locked manually? How do I get the system to work normally?
I have a 2010 Kia Soul 1.6 manual transmission. Has trouble starting sometimes, sometimes it starts right up. It sounds like the starter is bad because I get the whirring sound like the teeth aren't grabbing the flywheel but I took it off and tested it, tested good. Inspected the teeth and also the teeth on the flywheel, no metal shavings and both look good. I took the rear seat out and can hear a buzzing sound coming from the fuel pump, so I ruled that out. I'm not sure as to the reliability of the way I tested the fuel injectors (I put a screwdriver up against them, put it up to my ear and listened for a clicking sound) but they tested good. I tested the battery (shows 12.5 first thing in the morning). I scraped the paint off the ground connector from the battery. Radio, lights, dashboard display, horn, all works just won't start sometimes. I'm really at a loss. Does anybody have any idea what this could be?
Paid $274.14 for front brake pads, hardware kits, clean&lube caliper slides, resurface both front rotors. Did AAA over charge this lady?
clicking noise at first start up, then when I tried again the brake paddle was hard to push like it was locked. tried a little later an still nothing.

2015 kia forte ex
Ac it cools then it gives warm air and so on
Checked fire, fuel, and air components. Also replaced starter battery and several switches. Relay is kicking off under the hood. Any thoughts?
Since one month, every now and then ignition become impossible although all dashboard lights are on. When this happen, I still press on ignition button for one minute, the engine starts
what should be the correct voltage to my ac compressor?
It feels like it's vapor locking with no kind of compression that would be my answer
Heard I would need a special gauge. Can I use the one that comes with the can?
I can't get the nozzle on the AC recharge can to fit the low port. It seems just slightly larger than the connector on the recharge hose. Been to 2 different car parts places and they couldn't figure it out either.
Try to up shift using shift paddle and nothing happens
If my foot is on the gas the car stays running but when it gets to 1 rpms it putters out.
Most of the time it starts right up.. Sometimes it is completely dead, but if I wait a few hours or more, it will start!
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