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Checked the manual and no help.
got a jump started right up again i think i need a new battery
Has plenty of battery power, when u turn key, whether holding clutch/brake in neutral, 90% wont turn at all, tried bypassing starter by popping clutch, unsuccessful, almost seems as if kill switch from fact alarm gets stuck, preventing engine from turning., occasionally afyer using key to engage/disengage alarm several times back 2 back, it will turn but not catch to start
Pumps only delivers fuel in start position
ive noticed at high speeds, or passing a truck or driving along side a wall, I hear a vibration.. Upon inspection the retainers for the rear wheel wells are not very tight and it appears that the noise is coming from the wheel wells when I am doing any of the above type of driving.. can anyone help? are there better retainers to purchase?
I've never changed Trans fluid.
It has freon and works fine around town. Quits being cold on long drive.
I took it to Goodyear and they said it had moisture in it and charged me to empty an clean and then redo the freon. But still the same problem.
On start up you have to exselirat and keep it there , under a 1000 rpm it shakes and die.The engine light comes on shortly after it started and the car have no power.The local Kia Mechanic suspected the camshaft position sensor , but he wants to strip the engin open to replace it , this do not sound wright . ? Pleaes assist.
Poor electrical connection. Vacuum leak on engine dirty or blocked air cleaner
I have no more details.
When I turn my heat on my sportage idles at 3000+ when in park.
Negative cable gets hot, was running good, stopped to put gas and would just not start would turn over but would not start
My sister has a 2013 KIA Sportage. One day as she was getting out of it, she took the key out of the ignition and got out, but it was still in D (drive)! Is this normal for KIA Sportage or any KIA's? My 2016 Camry won't let me take my key out unless it's off and in P (park)!
I have all the mechanic's manuals, but the tensioning seems so inconveniently located as to require removal of other stuff just to accomplish what should be basic maintenance. Surely there's a simple way to do this.
My car vibrates very bad when i start it n runs poorly
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