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The car test drove wonderful. Made payment drove approximately one mile stopped,fueled up. Upon starting motor didn't want to keep running. I forced it fuel to make it run, at that moment it felt the trans was slipping around 2nd to third causing rpm to excelerate and loss of speed to vehicle. continues to repeat unless I manualy shift the motor my self. Once in fourth it runs out decent but had a humming or winding and seems to be holding back.
checked damper seems to be working
changed thermostat
blew out heater core with air
blows cool not hot
could not find plug anywhere under.
sportage just died, sprayed starting fuield but no luck. checked all fueses under hood and inside all good. pulled fuel line off at filter and when cracking fuel shoots out. checked coils with meter and screw driver against block got spark.pull fuel pump and test with battery charger it kicked on. plug back in and laid in back seat turn key on but didn't come on tell I started to crank. checked timing belt and it spinning around. think its good cause it does not hasitat or spin fast.check injector at power hook up and good tested injector with ohems good. put crank senorand cam senor still wont start. so it got spark and fuel (even tried starting fueild) timing ok. don't know what else to try. used a tester and passed no errors. at wits end please help.
then once it is started it will continue to try to start making a grinding noise
Whilst travelling forward
Its worst coming off a dead stop or on a straight way vs when I'm turning
I need to know if it is in the fuel tank or on the fire wall. My dad is helping me fix it.
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