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I have an 04 KIA spectra. Once in a while I will be driving around and my foot will be on the gas pedal, then all the sudden my car starts slowing down, even though I still have foot on the gas. Then it just slowly speeds back up again and is fine. Not sure what to do. It doesn't do it everyday, just once in a while. Also, when I put gas in my car, my car doesn't always want to turn over, if I don't put my foot on the gas a little when turning it on, it just shuts off right away. This happens almost everytime. I don't know if these things are connected somehow, but I thought I would share and see if anyone might know what's going on.
changed the mini fuse still not working. what could it be?
lately When i put gas in the tank when taking off the cap, it makes like a shallow noise, like if vapors will come out, then you will have to pump it before I can get it started again
All power things work except my headlights 3/4 tank of gas
Car would at first cut off when slowing down or coming to a stop now I can't get car to turn over what could be the problem
Min the brakes lock up.
the door open,fasten seat belt dash lights come on and go off without reason why is this?
I removed the mounting brackets the bolts and moved the belt over, I eventually got the alternator lose but cant get it out of the tight space what do I need to remove in order to get it out of the car?
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