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the taillight was out and I changed the bulb and once I changed the light. it wont light up
I can't take the car out of park even when I press the brake. I was told there is a switch that allows the . Automatic transmission be taken out of park.
Blow motor was fixed about two years ago...only blows heat...but when changed to AC setting it does not blow at all. What could be causing this problem..need replace whole system, part of it or what? Help
My 2002 kia spectra worked perfectly fine prior to the belts falling off while i was driving. Now thr belts are back on but still no luck. PLEASE HELP
well, ac starts well when first started then after running few miles, cooling starts dropping when I am stuck in traffic at low speed. I turn off the ac as it s blowing hot air. then little later I turn on ac again the cooling comes on again but few minutes later the warm air starts blowing.
Okay I was driving down the interstate and I was getting off on my exit and my car shut off . It was steaming but not too bad it wasn't snapping and popping and all that did notice that the radiator hose had come off the radiator and had a piece of the plastic top with it had to get towed home put a radiator on it and noticed that there was no alternator belt which runs water pump 2. Got an alternator belt on it it still won't crank it wants to you can tell me how it is wanting to kick in but it won't need help if you can
And when I hit 70 mph it stays on 4 rpm. Like it doesn't want to change gears.
Battery went dead. Attempt to restart yielded nothing other than the alarm started and would not stop. Removed battery and charged fully. Attempt to replace battery not successful as alarm again started and could not be stopped.
I Don't Know How To Remove My Backseat.
Car wouldn't start we changed camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor the car ran fine for about a mile or two then oil light came on and is running really rough HELP
I turn off the car and turn it back on, the check engine light turn off and the car drive good.
This problem occurs three times a day and then wont occur for a week to a month, it mainly occurs at speed between 20 to 30.

put transX in .it shifted for a week
My car has recently overheated on my way home from work one day, luckily i made it home just in time before it began to smoke. The cause was a busted radiator so i have replaced the radiator, radiator hose(both), thermostat, waterpump and timing belt. But even though i have replaced those things i can drive it around but as soon as i stop and let it idle for a bit it starts to overheat again. What else could be causing it to overheat?
need to move car how can i get it started? dont care if it damages anything !!
I changed my thermostat recently and then the upper radiator hose. Then the lower one. After changing the lower hose the car overheated and check engine light came on. 7 codes 121,442,734,733,171,325,441, came up. Help!
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