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shifter can be in park reverse or drive the car tries to go forward,dipstick blew out spraying fluid on engine
It has happened several times in the past few days, and begins to rev after about 15 seconds. I turn it off after it gets too high in order to prevent possible motor damage.
While taking off or even driving the transmission will sometimes drive, I could be traveling at 50 miles per hour and all of a sudden it starts dragging and it backs down to below 20 mph, after a couple minutes it kicks back into speed. I believe this is very dangerous and it scares me. I have giving it a synthetic oil change, full tune up and replaced two expensive senors. Nothing has worked and the shop that I deal with said the diagnostis check shows no more codes. I am at my witts end and am not sure what else I can do to fix the problem. It seems like I have put more noney into it then the money I spent at the dealership to buy it. Could you please give me some more options that are not so much of guess work? The check engine light stays on.
I just changed my o2 sensors 2 days ago
my car leaked out all antifreeze and overheated in frigid temps. smoke out of resovouir. poured in antifreeze in radiator cap and was able to make it home with no smoke. i drove for 5 miles no heat. smoked on the 4th mile. stopped for 30 minutes. filled radiator. drove away heat working. what a morning.
My car will not start I have battery voltage wich is 12v and I have voltage at starter And the starter will click but my car will not start I need some help
I have a check engine light that stays on. The scanner is saying one code P0501=(vehicle speed sensor) .I have replaced the speed sensor on top of the transmission. Light has been on for 3 months. When i cleared the code after and did a drive cycle light comes back always. I have tried everything including bringing it to 2 different garages. No one knows what is wrong with it. I'm going on almost 2 months with no inspection because my ready monitors for emission test are never ready. Anyone know what else could be causing this problem with the check engine light?
remove & replace 3rd brake light
Only when you barely mash the gas pedal
My heat does not get hot.My antifreeze is fine.How much about will it cost?
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