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The carpet on the driver side front and back is soaking wet
4 out of seven days a week my car won't start, I lift up the hood, tap the battery and then the car starts, but now my emergency break light and battery light are on what could be wrong
kia starts fine but when drive it around town shut off car wont start for five or ten minutes.
I had the a/c worked on and now when I turn on headlights it automatically goes into reverse. Why?
no noises when stops, did happen like every 3 wks now 2 or 3 times a day
I have a 2009 Kia spectra it is over heating both when moving and when at a stop I have checked ac fan it's working and so is the fan behind the radiator The car is not leaking any fluid that is noticeable could it be a clogged radiator or possible the water pump
Kia 2005 spectra overheated and started smoking on the way home
Added water to the radiator nothing ran out. Turned off the a/c and it seemed to cool down what happened.

When coming up on a stop sign or red light.etc....Car will fall down into low gear..very hard jerk like being hit from behind..its a 2008 kia spectra..105.540 miles we took battery cable loose left off for few min...then worked fine for couple weeks..Did the same thing again engine lights comes on or anything
My 2004 KIA SPECTRA GS HATCHBACK recently had it's battery replaced. Once the battery was replaced the check engine light went off. A day later the check engine light was back on. I was told it was the O2 sensor on the passenger side but it was unclear if there is a blockage. My check engine light did not turn on until the battery in the car ran out of juice.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks.
I'm trying to find the starter but do not see it
little power slow to gain speed and chokes out with full throttle could it be fuel filter?
alternator. They both where changed and I replace the alternator main fuse near the fuse box.
the compressor wire deteriorated and i need to replace it
I am trying to change the clutch in my kia I'm at the point of disconnecting the transaxle from the drive axle
The car wasn't doing nothing when I turned the key all that came on was the bash board light I changed the starter cause it was bad I tried to crank it and it wants to crank it makes the noise but the moter is struggling I listen for the fuel pump and heard it kick in so I don't hink it's that any help??
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