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I did help someone jump start there car and then a week later I was jumping my car,it no longer needs to be jumped but it hesitates to start please help I need my car to pass smog
what gaskets and or sealents are needed to prevent leaks
Why want my kia take gas fast? You have to work the nozzle slow if you don't it will splash back out.
The wife's car , she can't find anything in manual about this
This problem only happens some of the time. Also their are no warning indicator lights coming on to tell me something is going on.It runs just fine except for this issue.
They ran a diagnostic check at the dealership and found nothing wrong.
I have been asked to change the throttle. Are they related and can it affect the gears?
Drivers seat will move forward but not backwards
My bolt for balancer broke inside crankshaft. Cant drill out so have to change crankshaft.
repairing a broken off crankshaft pulley bolt
put a new battery in and a throttle actuator control. but lights still come on.
Most of the time , it drives just fine. Sometimes it grinds when shifting into Park. Key is also difficult to turn and take out. After power failure, if you turn car off, then back on, it works OK again.
Theres a little winding noise has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?
My display lights are out and I cannot turn on the heat or air.
While I was taking my daughter to school both my low beams went out. I used hi beams until vehicles were coming at me and then no lights at all till they passed. I also noticed my backup camera stopped working that day. I've been told it could be a relay and not the bulbs. I called the dealership (not Kia) that I bought it from and was told they don't do electrical repairs. So I guess I need to find a Kia repair shop. Any idea what the problem might be?
Once or twice in a month, took it to dealer they told me that they didn't find any codes
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