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The language and i agree buttons don't lite up push them thing happens

If it does it will damage crankshaft and need a new motor. Is that true. Its worthless as it is with no belts. They won't stay on now that its been taken apart and put back together. Is it considered totaled? Or should I have them go forward with forcing the bolt out?

I have a 2012 KIA Sorento with 56,000 miles. the motor started tapping and by the time I got it to the dealer it was like a machine gun. They said the motor was shot, still under warranty, Thank god I had all the service records. I ask them this seems unusual, but they did have a motor in stock which also seemed strange. I don't know anybody that stocks motors. Iam just curious

I have a manual and it will crank but it will not take off in no gear when mashing the gas it just revids up I don't know if it is the clutch or master cylinder

also noticed timming belt tensioner was bad. replaced tensioner, belt, pulleys and STILL no change. Runs great when it runs, but will die intermitently. try to restart and it misss-fires, tries to run backwords and stuff. What else is involved sending spark to the PROPER cylinder? some modual?

Should I play it safe and get compressor and clutch? Tested high with gauges. Freon completely empty.

My car has very rough idle and threatens to shut off when I'm stopped. It drives fine. It shifts hard out of park sometimes. Check engine light is on but has been on for months.

When accelerating above 30, engine noise gets louder and feels like its in wrong gear. Cars an automatic. Going on for weeks. Now lights inside dim when applying brake.

I drove today 100 degree weather drove 30 mins my wheel got hard and say brake and batt. Light on. So i turned ac off and was fine drove 5 more mins i parked turned ac on and lights came on again so i turned ac off again. I wanted to drive but lights came back on and wheel became stiff and not drivable been an hour parked in shade for an hour turned on the car but lights still show up for brake and batt. Please help husband will try to kill me today

Where is starter located, how to get to it without tearing apart the whole front end. Once out, will get repair on solenoid. Starter working but solenoid will engage intermittently enough to barley crank motor. No sequence of removal on net, if I can accurately locate the starter then a sequence of removal. I suspect removal of wheel and inside well skirting? This starter must be a hard to see item but it looks to be near and above the alternator? Thanks for any help.

After it revs high for a few seconds it regulates out and is fine, it's only on start up that it does this. What else could be my problem code, I don't want to spend a fortune at a garage but don't know what's next on list to replace to solve the issue. Any ideas would def help

I noticed that I was rather warm despite having the max AC on and on high. It didn't seem to be blowing as strong as it had before. I don't feel cool air but reached over to the passenger vent and it did feel cool...drastically different from driver's. So broke, so hot

After I've recharged it and added freon and it doesn't make any noises at all indicating a compressor problem but I'm still not sure what's up...??

vehicle is manual trans and hsa will only work if you are trying to climb a mountain

what decides the angle of the hill and does it use a mercury tube if so where is it located, the hsa only works is you are trying to climb a mountain.

How many bottles and how much will they cost.

The smoke goes away after a few mins. But once the car has been sitting for a while it does it again.

Have a new power stering pump and now they say pulleys need replaced

Mechanic replaced powers erring pump and then said the pulleys needed replaced

My Sorento chimes continuously and the seat belts are being worn and no doors are ajar (although two of the door locks do not work either but that is on going with this model. I stopped having them repairs ($500 a pop) when the warranty expired. The chime stops ONLY when at a stop. Very agitating to listen to. Been 6 months now.