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when shifting into 2nd the gear shift handle hits the hand brake handle and when shifting to 5th gear I sometimes end up shifting into 3rd because 5th gear reaches so far into 'right field'; my arm barely reaches far enough to reach 5th gear; and I've got a 33 inch sleeve length. Can it be adjusted/corrected??
i have a 5 speed 98 kia sepia it was running fine and then i pressed the gas the car wont go pulled over stoped and none of the gears would work help please do i need a new tranny
I am not this Dondo the canvios as it should be
it sounds like itwants to turn off but it dont i pickes up very slow then stars moving regular
The car take long time to start
fuell pump connector c304 and c305 where to look for theme
1999 Kia 1.8 LTR Engine
the idler pulley is wobbling around on the bracket.the dealer said the pulley and bracket came together.
The one the belt from the alternater is on.
When I am driving heat comes out of vents. But when I stop nothing
wont turn on or anything
runs good, except when you hit 55-60mph, a thick nasty plume of greyish smoke,out of exhaust. smells like burning clutch, except the cars an automatic! is it trans fluid? vacuum modulator. dont know what it looks like. how much$?cant seem to get much ' free" advice. your help very much appreciated.
im a diy guy due to finances. please send me instructions.-tyhx
How do I replace the driver's side door panel that controls the power doors/windows?
When i come to a Complete stop, then I step on the gas, my vehicle starts to shake violently and the sounds are just horrible. I checked for all the signs for blown head gaskets and checked my tranny fluid. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.It also has major power loss on take off. and forget about uphills; it goes about 5 miles an hour. It happens about 85% of the time.
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