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Exhaust System O2exprt

have put in a new radiator last summer and this april a new thermostat and radiator cap. anti-freeze is coming out the overflow and it dos'nt leak evrytime

wiring for radio

When cold, turn key to start it will start. When warmed up turn key to start, it will crank, but won't start. Try it 2-3 times then it will start. Why won't it start the first time warm?

the car turns over an runs great in the morning i drive it for a li bit an shut it off it turns over real slow an wont start unless i let it sit for an half hour i have replaced the starter batery and ground wire still no luck the car is showing a coad for coil pack could that be my problem . someone please help this car is driving me nuts

the speed odometer just quit working. is it an easy fix.

automatic transmission

Sounds like I need to replace the drive axles on a 2001 kia sephia. existing dust boots cracked and failing. how much for a drive axle, how much for a shop repair? is it necessary to replace the whole axle or can I just replace the joint and boot?

My car work properly and suddenly the velocity decrees and no fuel when I press on fuel foot but if switch it off and on its work properly for few day and the problem comeback

iam trying to replace the water pump with the water inlet attached because the bottom inlet bolt is extremly d ifficult to access and i dont want to remove the ac pump.the power steering pump has been removed. thaNK YOU

I got it used, I changed the sparkplugs, I put in new rotor, distributor cap and wires. I took the old wones out but I forgot to write down where each one was supposed to go on the distributor cap. I that why it's not running well?? I pushed the rotor as much as I can and its making contact. before while I rode it it would start to turn off until i would put it in neutral at the light or as long as I was giving it gas....I really need your help.

Does anyone know where i can find a labels diagram for the exhaust system for a 2000 Kia Sephia?


clikes all the time c v boot torn

Having a problem with my 98 Kia Sephia. It runs great and idles fine from cold start, but after 10 minutes or so of warming up, at idle it will suddenly die. It will start right back up, but will die within a few seconds at idle. Goes down the road great, but will die anytime the rpms drop to idle range. It throw codes 0265, 0271, 0268 and 0262, showing all four injectors short to battery voltage simultaneously. TPS checked and Computer has been replaced with no change in behavior.

Had this problem before changing motor. Opted to change motor due to other problems with rings & cylinder damage. Changed motor and all sensors on the motor and intake manifold. Did not change MAF, IAT, O2... Fuel pressure on fuel rail stays in specs at idle or throttled. Wondering if I just happened to get a hold of another bad TPS sensor to go with the one I might already have. Any ideas?

Would the Transmission from a 1999 Kia Sephia fit into my 2001 Kia Sephia

Steering wheel shakes at low speeds violently, boot appears to have failde on passenger wheel. Is it the wheel bearing?

car just quit running. Pulled distributor cap and rotor is not turning. Do I have to replace the distributor? How hard is it to do?

My driver side headlight is very dim even after i changed the bulb,can anyone help me with the problem?

I've replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor. Shop replaced timing belt and water pump. Today, the catalytic converter was replaced (P00420 was being displayed). Car still idles very rough. I know that whatever the root problem is probably took the cat. converter out and want to fix before it trashes the new one. Shop looked for problem and could not find anything wrong. Car seems to run fine when driving and if I shift into neutral, idle drops and it isn't so rough.

i have replaced the distutor tried a code reader and cant get any codes

How do you release the tension on the power steering a/c unit? What bolts need to be loosened? And where are they located because I couldnt find them?

how to replace the airconditioning pump and power steering belt on a 1.6 1996 kia sephia LS

my car radio didn't work so i replaced it with a after market radio but it still isn't working or turning on. what can i do to fix the problem(what could the problem be) or should i spend the money and take it to a mechanic?

replaced fuel pump and sensor and fuse vis ok but it won.t start

buying a 2001 sephia by kia, heard engine wire harness has occation repair issues.

i had my radiator replaced,but,I don't think they replaced the thermostat because the heating system is not working right.Will i have to pay to have it replaced or should the dealer absorb the cost?

I have a 96 kia sephia ls that is killing mt alternator.I have replaced the battery the alternator everything except the computer...Could that be the problem?

My Kia Sephia is a 2000 and has always ran great! Recently when driving home my daughter was too hot and turned the heat all the way down, when I tried to turn it back to hot, it will turn back but the temp is remaining cold. I pulled part of the dash out out and can feel the cables that are connected to the switch, it feels like they are moving when I turn the temp dial. The car is not over heating and all fluids are up to the proper level