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I have brand new bulbs in but the tail light don't work on the drivers side unless I break or turn. I tried to figure out what it is in the manual but got no luck there.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/A
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Is the wiring harness in the overhead roof for a plug and play install?
I don't hear nothing it just won't back up
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing

How long have you had this problem? few weeks
Need new transmission
My kia can't shifted into 2nd it ran's about 15 miles a minutes
I was told while draining & Filling trans oil that my timing chain cover was seeping oil and needs to be re-sealed. No gasket to replace-they use a silicone goo. I am looking for video and other instructions on how to do it myself. I have not noticed an oil level problem but I am told it is leaking none-the-less. Can't afford $2K right now so I am going to watch my oil levels until I learn how to do it myself. (There are no codes)
Car ran 3 days no problem with air on.
While driving either on highway or in town. It will jump out of overdrive then feels like it's stuck in high gear. Untill Kia is turned off and then restartee
The overheating happened once and I had it towed to my house.However the AC has been blowing from cold to hot for a few weeks
The car has no power steering and the engine cuts off, almost crashed, but when I turned off my defroster the power steering works and the engine picks up immediately. Has anyone One experienced this, if so, what's the solution?
When I accelerate, my steering wheel shakes, and the car is shimmying.
changed fuel pump, no help
Van ran good before installing new timing set. All marks and colored links lined up correctly. Now will not start. Turns over strong but sounds like there's no fuel, fire or both. Any suggestions?
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