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The problem usually occurs at night. Nothing left on. I am having problems with the left sliding door. It happen both in hot weather and cold weather.The other day the wife took it to work cam out 4 hours later and the battery was dead. She had to get it jumped started.
My gear shift is lock and windows or sunroof won't work. Why?
First side door snapped a couple years ago, Kia wanted over $1000 to replace. Now the other doors cable just snapped. Is there another option to fix this wire cable. Can only open the door half way.
My van was running fine then check engine light went on then it barley will start and now if it does start the engine sounds clunky and rough it's really weird I believe the battery is new and it seems to have everything running ok when I bought it .
when making a right turn a dinging sound starts sounds like when the drivers door is open with key in ignition and it goes on and on, now it happens if driving over a speed bump, also the emergency brake light, lights up in the dash the whole time the dinging is going on. If anyone knows what and/or why it's happening.... PLEASE... HELP....
It gets some smoke like when it going to start and it doesn't.
I had it put on a diagnostic test, but mechanic said the codes that showed wouldn't have caused this problem. It has stalled twice now, and the 2nd time it was hard to get it started again, but then I was able to drive it again. The mechanic wants to change the fuel filter. Could this be part of the problem. I'd like another opinion. Thanks
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