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Crank shaft sensor replacement

I have replaced the temp. sensor and I am still getting a PO118 code.Car will start good when cold but will not start after reaching normal temp.Could this have anything to do with the control module.The car isn't overheating.Thanks for your help

When driving 45+ mph the trans will shift rather harshly down into third gear and never shift out, even after stopping it stays in third gear.I have to stop and turn off the engine for about 5 minutes or so for it to recover then if I go over 45mph it starts over again. Fluid is fine and no other problems exist. This has been happening on a more consistent level.It only happens after engine is at operating temp.

not enough oil is going to the gears and sometimes this is causing a little jerking when the gears are automatically changing,how serious is this,are there major risks ignoring the problem

Today it began to bog down and would barely go over 30. It chugs and acts like it does not want to run at all. The squealing is worse and it is getting gas. When in park it revs perfectly. This only happens when I am driving it.

I,m buying this van from someone and the sliding door drags the guy said the ball bearings or something were missing

loses major power. when its put in neutral engine seems fine revs fine. when it's put in gear and start driving engine loses power.

it just started on my woy home to night. where should i starte lokking?

at stops or cold start will ramp up speed

I think it is going bad. I had this problem on another vehicle. The car sounds like a plane taking off and it started all of a sudden after the car had trouble getting into reverse. It is switching gears okay with no slips.

the ddm 30amp fuse seems intact. what else could cause this ?

startng problem only occurs during rainy weather no other problems engine runs smooth

The van will start fine when it is hot or cold. If you park it and go to start it about an hour later, it tries to crank but violently stops and all the dash lights go out. The the lights will come back on and it will try to crank again and does the same again. I smell gas like the engine is flooding as well. If we leave it alone for a few hours it will start right up. I have changed the coolant temp sensor and the throttle position sensor.

the door will not open from the inside

I had a battery supplier look up requirement and he said I needed a 500CCA per OE, but I had a air bag light come on and the dealer looked at battery and said I should have a 700CCA. Who is correct?

replaced mass air flow sensor & crank shaft sensor dont see any vacume leaks only 49 thousand miles on it any clues to what it could be

I have a 4 letters on my dash and dont no what they mean

Doors useless. Grandkids and friends climb in through rear hatch.


Apparently my heater coolant pipes to the rear heater have rusted and blown. What is a ballpark figure to have a mechanic fix this?

this is first time for gas pedal. Could it be frozen or corroded

Is there something else i can try if the fuel pump goes in the tank frist ?

The Sedona has 107k miles on it. It started doing this last September. I was leaving work, coasting to a stop sign, and it just quit. I turned the key and it started right up. I drove about 4 miles and while sitting at a red light it stalled again, but I was able to restart. Then, the next day, while driving down the high way on a 400 mile trip, it stalled and restarted on its own at 70 mph 3 or 4 different times. But, the latest occurance left me and my family stranded 100 miles from home in freezing temperatures and wouldn't restart until the two truck dropped it off. However, I'm now fearful to ever drive it anywhere. I've had people mention the fuel pump and others say a crankshaft position sensor. Please help! Thanks.

i need a diagram

The heater in the back of the van stopped blowing hot air. This just recently happened in the last mth. Last winter it worked fine. My heater in the front of the van works just fine. My kids are freezing. Please help. What would cause this and would it cost alot to fix?

van starts shaking ans smell turn off and let set for a bit then drive again dose not do it all the time

what could be problem

Engine runs as usual

Got 2006 Kia Sedona inspected on Friday, hit with a bill for $745 to replace right front wheel bearing and a new batter because of problem with frequent non-start of van. Saturday morning, started van, backing out of driveway and ABS and ESC OFF lights come on and there is vibration and pulsating in brake upon pressing of brake pedal. Van back at mechanic on Monday in which they claim that right front wheel speed sensor was going bad, which was caused by old wheel bearing that went bad, causing the axle to be loose and rattle around causing the speed sensor to start to go bad, but would not have known it until the replacement of the wheel bearing made the right front tight causing the speed sensor to get readings kicking the ABS light on. Cost to replace this is $138. Get van home and immediately upon restarting, Check Engine Light comes on. So now what? Can anyone shed some light on this BS?

The squeeky noise is slight and only occurs occasionally, usually when its wet or cold outside and is not always noticeable and has not affected the driving of the car. The sound is directly beneath the steering wheel and occors when I turn the wheel, but not always. Can you tell me the possible causes and potential costs for repair? Thank you so much.