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Front or back and I have to press the breaks really hard to take out of park
Off and on problem. The doors automatecally lock while I am outside the car. I leave my key fob on the counter and it still happens.
changed rotors,when car is stopping ,almost stopped car makes a sqeeking noise,front right side
I'm told the brake sensor could be the problem. I had triple a on the way until someone at the gas station where I was stalled. a kia mechanic got it started right up like nothing was wrong. he said kia brake sensor will do that.
The car will not chirp when I hit the remote twice to lock to car. I have checked all the fuses.
It will start again after it cools off
It just happened one day just like any other day started car went to shift to reverse and it wouldn't so now everytime I have to stick something in the emergency release to shift why?
car has been trouble free up until now
I check the blower motor, resistor, and relay around glove compartment . I m getting power and blower is working.
car is running warm, all fluids are full, when should fan turn on as after 10min of running it has not turned on
It will run for a few seconds but then dies but as long as you are turning the key on and off it stays cranked and running
is that possible?
I replaced the air compressor and needed to install new expansion valve and filter drier. But cannot locate the filter drier at all. Mayb someone could help me please
There is a circular led light around the ignition that is suppose to go off 10 seconds after the door closes. IT never goes off. They have replace the ignition and other unnameable parts to a totally or $704, light still does not go off unless the ignition is on.
my car shakes as I accelerate, but gets better. I had a minor front end accident that just popped my bumper out of place and I popped it back in.
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