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Hi there,

My car came with P215/50/17 tires on alloy rims. This is a low profile tire, looks sexy but a bad idea. I live in the Northeast and in the last couple of winters the potholes are terrible and because the aspect ratio is 50, the tire does not have sufficient cushioning to absorb the impact and the rims get damaged which is very expensive to repair. I went to a tire place to ask to mount P215/65/17 tires on these rims and they refused. The only argument they had was that the larger front wheels may rub against the body during turns but there is at least 3-4 inch clearance right now, so why would this be a problem? I personally wonder if the car handling may be compromised. What do you think?

My car revs up and down & the rpms needle moves up & down, like if I was putting my foot on the gas to make it rev. It happens when I'm sitting waiting and car is running (warming up) and in parked. but when I put car in park, it seems ok. No check engine light came on. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
Fob suddenly quit working. Changed battery, but still doesn't work. Is there anything I can do or will the fob have to be replaced?
replaced passenger seat for $1,000. in 2012 and come to find a recall on airbag due to malfunctioning switch.
Missing. Say's #2 missfire & multiple misfire. This model year is split between 6 packs 1 4 each cyl, & 1 pack 4 all 6. My car has 1. Don't know what 2do. Maybe new computer?
In park or driving I notice that of a split second my car shakes and makes this low growl noise and the headlight dim. The shake feels as if the engine wants to die or stall out. Its never died and it always starts. I had auto zone check battery and alternator- no error codes . no warning lights on. Just had a oil change and the serpentine belt and tensioner pulley replace by a low budget auto shop that will never work on my car again.
Airbag was deployed and now car will not start and run
the car wouldn't start but has a little gas from the gas hand.
trunk door wont lock when closing it
it wont lock when trying to close it
My Sirius Radio goes out with a sharp right, back on with a sharp turn left, or does not acquire a signal at all. what is causing this? Paying for membership that i am having problems using. Radio works.
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