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I am pretty sure the front wheel bearings need replaced. It's not the tires (new), and all the signs point to wheel bearings.
2009 w 100k miles. Am I better off taking to dealer or attempting to take to my local trusted mechanic. I am hearing that the dealers are the only ones with the proper tool anyway.
how many hrs labor and what would be cost?

I replace the timing belt but it wont start it turns over but will not fire any help?

The shift lever can be taken out of park without depressing the button on top of lever and sometimes lever cannot be returned to park and is stuck in reverse..basically the button does nothing. Any ideas on the cause of this problem.

put on new pads on 2007 optima but I cannot compress cylinder to fit over new pads..used c-clamp

I had an oil change about 3 weeks ago and was told my AC compressor was making knocking noises. I hadn't noticed it before. I recently started hearing the noise. On 1/27/12 I noticed a burning smell. Today, 1/31/12, I started the car and there was some smoke and a strong burning smell. I had to get it towed. The tow truck driver said that the serpentine belt(?) broke. What needs to be repaired and what is an estimated cost. I bought the car 09/30/2011 and purchased an extended warranty. Is this something that would be covered?

Oil light keeps coming on when I slow down or stop. Tuffys auto repair told me it was an oil pump.

The sounds so loud, its coming from under the hood.,my mufflers in tact.

My daughters AC compressor keeps throwing the belt right there at the compressor, is there an alternate Serpentine belt that we can buy that will bypass the AC compressor so she can at least drive it? I don't have the 500+ dollars it would take to replace the AC right now, and Royal Kia in Tucson told her they couldn't give out that type of information.

I have the carmd and it is telling me the reason for light is gas cap. I replace cap and had it reset at a local kia dealer. Now 2 weeks later light comes back on with it stating the same problem. Anybody out there having the same problem. kia states it is also the gas cap. inspected gas cap and it is in perfect condition

Need a hand-held remote starter for my car

All my brake lights are out on my 08 kia optima.What exactly is the nomenclature of the fuse that is responsible for them? Or can anyone else have another possible reason why they all would be out?

replaced fuel pump and filter and checked fuses. gauge still does not work at all.

100,700 miles. Vehicle seems to be running fine.

What must be removed first and in what order?

When the engine is cold and I start driving then slow down between 3rd and 2nd gear my car seems to hiccup and then slow down. It only does it until my car gets warm then seems to go away. I just want to make sure it is not harming my transmission or brakes. When I switch my car to auto-manual and hand downshift it myself it does not seem to do it. I cannot tell if it is my brakes or my transmission downshifting rough. This just started when the weather got colder.

i put new power steering pump, hose and pulley on it and tha belt is still breaking

Just under 60,000 miles. Car idels a bit rough in Drive and will slow rev and move up to 8 mph but no faster no matter how hard the gas pedal is pushed. Is there a filter for air or to the fuel injector that needs to be checked or replaced?

i cant figure out how to get the lock mechanism out of the steering column

It only has 18,000 miles on it and recently started this. It is intermittent and seems to be worse the first few times I break when I haven't driven it for a few hours. I have brought it to the dealership twice and they say they can't find anyhting wrong with it. They checked the pads and rotors and said they are fine. It's not fine. It really unnerving and it's gonig to cause me to have an accident. Now what do I do?

This morning I put my car in part and went to turn the car off but my key will not turn to the lock position. I am able to turn the steering wheel, put the car in another gear but can not turn the key all the way over to lock. This problem is stopping my doors from locking as well. I called the horrible dealership in Wake Forest where I purchased the car and have to bring it in the morning. I am trying to get a heads up so I don't get snowballed by this dealership for things I do not have to pay for.

the problem happens all the time i just drowe to cali from washington and i had to drive my car in third the whole trip and then it shifts hard idels highn i didnt know what to do i need help i took it got it get it dyignosted ??? sry ???
they toled me they didnt know what the codes are but he wrote it down and ive been dealin with ppl not knowing things so if anyone can give me advise i could use it my 24 and do all my car work by myself my man doesnt so HELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

wanting to buy one that rolled over and cant get it started

When I turn the turn signal to turn right or left both rear tail lamps blink in emergency mode. The front turn signals work fine. I checked the emergency flasher button and it is was not turned on.

I am trying to order the CV Joints and there are both kinds, with and/or without ABS....

My Ac started blowing hot, i was told it was the Ac cycling switch, where does it go?

i have already replaced the battery and alternator in my 2001 kia optima lx/se, but am still having an issue driving at night with lights on the dashboard gauges freeze up and lights dim just before they go out completely and my car stops dead. my new battery recharges itself if left sitting long enough, otherwise i require a jump to get going again. i know there is an electrical proble going on here ( i'm not that dense lol) but don't have enough car-smarts as to what it might be. afraid of going to a mechanic and be taken advantage of due to my lack of expertise (and besides, don't have a lot of money to throw away so i'd rather sound like i know what i'm talking about)

i just got this car. i just want to have some kind idea what to look forward to. also my auto trans is not shifting i have first and second but not third and fourth. can you help me. tks rick

There are mice in the vents and an acorn rattled the fan for a while now the fan is jammed. How do I access the vents/fan?

i would like to see a diagram for this

my obd codes are po457 po455 po788 po388 lol says fuel related -timing related -circut range performance The car well start after about 10 hours of no cranking on eninge and will run for around 3 min then die again. Then will not start untell it sets for around another 10 hours.. If it was timing why does it run so smooth after for the 3 min. and if it where fuel it wd simply sputter and then give up. at lest in a normal car this kia thing is anything but normal. the crazy car locks its self find radio staitions and plays music with key out of the igntion and turns volume all the way up then when i try and get in car it will not let me in. Sometimes when i try to open door it turns on lights and radio and wont let me in car. Please help