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Low beam bulb on drivers side is burnt out. My mechanic claims that it takes a special bulb that costs $250. I can't find ANYTHING on the internet about this special bulb. Is he lying to me??
How do I get my transmission fluid changed in my 2013 optima hybrid
If the car is not moving both sides are fine, but once a start driving the driver side always start blowing warmer air than the passenger side, then after a while the passenger side starts to warm up as well.
It says started pretty recently when I exit my car I go to grab the door to closet and I get a horrible shot at first I thought it was just you know I think that would happen occasionally but now it happens every single time I close the door and it does hurt I am wondering if this is something mechanically wrong with the car a recall or if it is something that could be mechanically fixed any advice would be appreciated thank you
The steering wheel make a clunk noise when turn
I was pulling onto a parking spot and the car automatically accelerator. My foot was nothe on the gas peDallas. I had to slam on the break before hitting the sign in front of me.
We think the engine may have seized on our 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid and I'm just looking for a vague concept on what it may cost to replace if that's necessary.
same driving no hard driving take offs slow speed 60 to 70 on highway please help me
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