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my battery is brand new, i also put water into my coolant when it showed that my vehicle was over heated and im not sure it did anything ,i put a little of oil and water after my car turned off , it also let out a little of smoke from the motor what can cause this ? and what's the estimate of repair ?
Car will not crank when cold thinking might be starter I checked new battery has 12 volts, again pushed car out of garage in the sun about 11:00 when I got home about 5 started car it cranked and fired up while running checked battery 13.6 volts turn off 12 volts changed out start relay, posts and cable ends clean free of corrosion, don't know what else to do but change out starter, could one of two be going bad and not kicking in when cold
Had car for 4 months no problems except had to replace battery dragging starting fine then after 2 weeks got in it and calls it done was click would not do anything pushed car out of garage let sit in Sun car started that evening next evening car in garage same problem think maybe starter
Turning signal and hazard light just stopped working . Fuses were fine
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