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What does it control
When I put the car in reverse it sometimes hesitates before moving. At other times it may hesitate then jump into reverse. Maybe twice a week this happens.
Also the outside mirrors never stay in place. Every time I put the car in park the mirrors change position. I know they are supposed tilt when in reverse but they never go back to their original positions.
Took car to shop for no start. I would get a cranking sound as if it wanted to start. Mechanic diagnose the problem as the fuel pump replaced. After picking vehicle up; drove about 2 miles and car slowed down and stopped as previously...and would not start. Mechanic now saying ignition sensor and coil pack needs replacing. Somehow, I think the mechanic is just milking me for money. By the way I need to replace timing belt. Please help me...Mechanic would not give me any codes
After the Emission's test, the catalyst read "Not Ready" and the evap system read "Not Ready".
I have often had to rock it or to shift to neutral to get it started.
It rocks like a boat in the water. Front sway bar bushings have been replaced, new front ball joint on both sides. And new control arm bushings on front passenger and driver side
checked fuses may be ets my be security system
my radio keeps scanning want stay on a station
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