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What could cause overheating after i changed thermostat and no leaks
Took my car in to have a new radio put in and now my Hazard Lights won't work.
Sometimes it will blow but, for few seconds. I recently brought a new blower motor but it still having the same problem.
Kia specia 2007 EL
The static is worse on am stations.
My Kia was fine and last night went out to go home and it would not start. I have located the fuel pump and it does not seem to be working. Before replacing I wanted to see if there was a reset button or something else to try
I have a 2008 Kia Sportage and I noticed that I’m hearing a knocking noise upon start once the AC or heater is on
Had to boost car to get it started in the morning. Then after work it started, died out at stop light restarted. Then at 2nd stop light died again when engine idle below 1000 rpm again. And never restarted. Tries to turn over but nothing. Oil is at low mark and battery is discharging. Any ideas?
I checked all4 door sensors and fuses . Light will not go off. At night when the car is locked anyone passing by can see the light on. Why, what should i check, fix or replace?
The a/c worked fine during the summer except when the temperatures were over 85. It blows out cold air on both sides even with HIGH as the temperature
inable to jump since it don't go pass ACC
ive noticed small blinking red light at the top of dashboard by windscreen. it wasn't there before. what is it for? should I be worried? its kia picanto 2013 but there is no choice for picanto on next page.
It is not my headlights but the 2 little ones next to them went out and I am trying to locate the fuse, can you tell me which one it could be that is located on the left of my steering wheel? I know where the fuse box is but don't know which one it is that is blowned.
This is the first time this has happened but when I try to start it turns over but won't start also seems like low battery when it's turning over
my traffic indicator does not always come on when its turn on. sometimes i need to try it twice before it starts flashing.
Ok. I substitute a piece of metal on my aluminum gear- rod - to gear selector not sure if it's the metal that's sending power to the front lights that I attached to the rod end. Also the car sat in a three day storm but everything was sealed tight. After these two situations is when I noticed the lights coming off and on and no switch control. At first the ignition wouldn't turn off but it fixed itself so far. But lights come on by there selves and they are connected to the alarm witch first started this thing going. It we y off one time for nothing then this followed. Help please
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