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changed fuel pump, no help

Van ran good before installing new timing set. All marks and colored links lined up correctly. Now will not start. Turns over strong but sounds like there's no fuel, fire or both. Any suggestions?

we can clear it but as soon as you shut it off its back when you start it. Something about the not recognizing the VIN#

It will start again after it cools off

The 4-wheel mechanism is not engaged but when you reverse the vehicle it seems as if the wheels are locked up.

Got a boost earlier because car was making clicking sound when i tried to crank it and the lights were dim. Now it's doing it again but now it want start with a new battery

It was within the 'Green' zone with some margin.

Clerk at auto parts store helped charge; we both saw that Max when we charged was "45"

90-degree, sunny day. After 2 1/2 hr drive

I have had on ongoing issue with my 2005 Kia Sedona. It starts intermittently when cold and runs fine if it starts. Once I shut it off, chances are it will not restart. It will crank time after time and if I'm lucky it will "catch" before the battery runs out of life. It's getting gas, has spark. I changed the fuel pump, plugs, ignition sensor etc... I am out of ideas. Please, any suggestions?

It just happened one day just like any other day started car went to shift to reverse and it wouldn't so now everytime I have to stick something in the emergency release to shift why?

It make noise when you put in gear and drive slowly.

car has been trouble free up until now

The vehicle ran for awhile after but now won't start. Engine turns over but thats it.

New alternator and front brakes. The dashboard continues to light up and stall out when I come to a stop but it isn't happening when the mechanic and service manager drive it. They just mention fuel injection maintenance.

I check the blower motor, resistor, and relay around glove compartment . I m getting power and blower is working.

Wife's car had bad battery. Went and bought a new one and took out the bad one. In doing so I had to disconnect the negative cable from the battery & the fender, and of course the positive cable (neg first). Had to also disconnect the computer cables and unit then remove battery. Put everything back in reverse order and discovered after starting the car that ALL the dash warning lights stayed on. How do we fix this?

It was missing a little ,about a week before this happened

When I turn my heat on my sportage idles at 3000+ when in park.

Brake & battery light went on first. mechanic checked & said they're good. Now went on again along with ABS, ESC, ESC OFF, TPMS & Radio light blinked. They're off now except for yellow Check Engine. What's happening?

what did you find out?

It will not go into 2nd gear. Could it be the transmission fluid. Can it be changed, checked or more added ànd how hard is it. Also about how much should it cơst. I was told the transmission may need to be replaced. How much should that cost. Thank you for your help.

And when I hit 70 mph it stays on 4 rpm. Like it doesn't want to change gears.

does the year of 2008 kia sorento have trouble with the clip on the intake manifold for the engine?

Battery went dead. Attempt to restart yielded nothing other than the alarm started and would not stop. Removed battery and charged fully. Attempt to replace battery not successful as alarm again started and could not be stopped.

coolant leaks out after car is shut off, also the vehicle has no sign of coolant in the oil what so ever

I Don't Know How To Remove My Backseat.

cd player lights stay on after tuning off car battery drainsand cd player displays err2 cd s wont eject

Is there a quick fix to this problem or do i take it to a dealer?

Car wouldn't start we changed camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor the car ran fine for about a mile or two then oil light came on and is running really rough HELP