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Turn key no sound instrument panel lights up have replaced battery.
Shift shifter up and down car will then start after a couple of turns...
Had oil changed on 20 Jan 18 and was told there was gas in the oil. I have the oil changed every three months and this is the first time this has happened since I owned the car a little over 2 years.
A/c problem. Ac is on, everything works fine except the front passenger side has no cold air. I check all the fuse and relays and they're all fine. What could be the problem? Thank you!
No noises at all. Father in law said battery is fairly new
2003 kid Sedona,speedometer works off and on while driving,when it stops working,the lighted letters go out d for drive on the gauges
Could it be the blower motor?
Changed timing belt crankshaft sprocket in 04 Kia Sorento and now won't start and crankshaft won't fully rotate
All lights are on. When turning the key you can hear the first try of the car trying to turn over then nothing. After about 5 tries it starts
How do i get to it?
the warning light showing the boot open the boot is not open but I cant use my central locking
stays on all the time
2008 Kia Sedona -check engine light is on. Kia dealer inspected transmission and said that I need a new clutch in the automatic transmission. Cost $2200. I have picked it up without doing any work since it has 170,000 miles. The vehicle runs fine so I figure I won't do anything and just drive it until it stops working before purchasing another. Will the vehicle eventually conk out or is this just a fuel economy issue. Please advise. No noise or leaks from van just decreasing fuel economy.
After driving for a hour or half my every station on my radio gets really fuzzy and not clear . Cd it works fine but radio not clear .
would like to know when to change timing belt.
Is there a way I can reset my key fob and/or door locks and/or computer after auto club changed/replaced my battery on my 2014 Kia Soul? From what I understand the computer system needs to be reset if the technician didn't use a battery saver or . . . if it lost all charge. Right now doors will only lock unlock while ignition is on, same with clock, lights flash when I close the door etc.
The dealer says they must do reset/repair and want $130.00
I've read something that says I just need to reset with the key fob but doesn't say for what year . . .
Have read some other general information but nothing specific for my year.
I appreciate any guidance!
Thank you!
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