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Will 265/75/16 tires fit this model?
Guys can anyone help... i have a jeep cherokee with a 2.1 diesel engine (it's a different engine, a renault 4x4 engine ). The problem is that when im going uphill and rev it up it starts running away(run away diesel), however if i drive through the city (streight road , no hills) the jeep drives fine, when it starts running away up hill the engine oil starts to come out the exhaust and there is a lot of smoke but as i mentioned when im driving streight( no hills) it does just fine and it doesn't smoke a lot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it plz help...
I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has 65000 miles on it. The dealership suggested that I get my 4WD completed. This includes front/rear diff and t-case. Is this necessary? I don't drive off rode. Just regular daily city driving. THANKS!
When I try to crank it rpms gauge move new fuel pump new plugs ,battery,alternator and map sensor when does run rpms surge up and down .
Transmission over temp light comes on, but doesn't stay on. Battery died first time this happened and had it replaced 3 weeks ago. Light is back on. At dealership now to see if any software updates are needed. Jeep has about 150k miles on it.
My ABS light comes on in the traction control comes on my lights flicker in the speedometer drops
My headlight went out and I purchased new bulbs but they wont stay on. I had the switch set on on not on auto. I put in the new lights and they weren't the cheap ones either they were the best ones you could get for that style. every time I turn the switch to on they stay on for maybe 2 to 5 seconds and shut off. ive asked 2 other people to look at it they cant figure it out. one guy told me to clean my sensor and unhook my battery I did that and I still cant get it to stay on. Ive searched online to see if I could find someone else with this problem and I couldn't find any help
Distance to empty keeps getting lower every time I fill up. In the beginning it says 380mi sometimes 400mi to empty. However, it keeps getting lower, no it only says 300 or 320 to empty. It is a Jeep Wrangler 2016 S sport unlimited Sahara 4 doors. Can anybody tell me why thanks
when transmission is warm will not downshift to first gear after a stop until I turn off the key and restart the motor then it works fine
My speedometer and odometer quit working.
Replaced controls, resistor, fan and swapped ac relays.....wth
They machined the rotors. Plenty of pad left on shoes. Squeal goes away after 2-3 times I apply brakes
when the engine starts say about 1minute a sound as if the plastic guide of the timing chain is broken starts. we have checked the chain from the top cylinder cover, it seems tight enough.
while the engine is on slow running, the engine oil sign blinks on the dash board with attendance sound of grang
Check engine light on also ABS n Traction lights are on
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