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Cranks right back Up runs fine till I stop again continues to do this
The Jeep has cut out while at high speeds and has also shut down at a crawl. I need to stop, turn the vehicle off and then back on the resume driving. This has happened multiple times in the past week. Check engine light came on once, but went off. I do not have the diagnostic codes.
Then the engine died.
I found a mouse had been living in the glove box for the winter. I can't find any chewed wiring. Now it turns over but doesn't fire.
I just purchased a 2001 Jeep Wrangler. It only has 70K miles. I drove it 2,000 miles back home. No problem on the drive home. When I arrived home I checked the radiator coolant and noticed it was low and added about a quart of antifreeze. Looked fine when I took off. I also noticed some water/condensation coming out the exhaust afterwards. I completed a compression test (all plugs out/throttle wide open/4-5 cranks) #1-130lbs #2-140 #3-120 #4-125 #5-140 and #6-70 lbs. I squarted a little oil in #6 and retested and went up to 80lbs. I believe this is normally pointing to bad rings but keep in mind the vehicle set for about a year before I purchased it. I've squarted some PB blaster in the plug hole and I'm going to retest tomorrow the compression. It appeared to have been running fine, good power, no smoking, all the plugs good good (grayish color).
Over heats & engine knocks
replaced the battery because jeep wouldn't stat. how no problem for three weeks and now wont start. Starter just makes a clicking noise
Windows won't ho up and downmakinv a noise
One window comes up othe other side goes down won't work together
I have an 01 Jeep Wrangler sport (manual). It is on 35's and has a 4 in lift. Every time I
shift it throws the jeep to the right really hard. Also it shakes VERY bad and
you are never able to keep it straight. It is very hard to control the steering
and is getting scary to drive.
Could my tires be off balance or is it something more?
The noise is so loud, you can't hear the radio or the person beside you.
I started my 2007 jeep wrangker this morning and the horn, wipers and wiper washer keeps going
It started doing this all of a sudden it had been running good
I'm having the same problem 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport. My ABS and traction lights always come on & off while driving. Replaced the right rear wheel speed sensor (cost WAY too much at the dealership but that's what they recommended). Still have the same problem. Especially if I hit a pothole or speed bump. Ideas? Never trust a dealership :(
I am a new owner of a jeep and I'm courious about the process on converting my jeep to 4wd
My transmission is leaking really bad it just started last night I pulled into Walgreen and it slipped than went back into gear parked 5 min later there was spots under it and the whole under side wan wet with transmission fluid
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