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2003 jeep wrangler Sahara. Clutch replaced @ mechanic shop 3 times. #4 JUST WENT...!!! Bought used 8.2013 needing #3 (9.6.13), #4 @2.23.14. Went again 9.2014. CRAZY TO replace #5, but need to know WHY???
Normal drive. No off roading
have run good for two blocks than surgeing starts even gone 4 blocks befre surgeing if gas pedal not released the engine may stall if released idles great. what the hell ? new fuel filter good fuel delivery from pump
After a few seconds, it's like it engages and will resume but runs rough. This started happening after the throw out bearings were replaced.Vacuum hoses are fine.Replaced o2 sensor, plugs,wires,rotor,dis.cap, map sensor,fuel pump. Check gauges light is on, get codes po108, po171.Check engine light is not on. Cat. converter was replaced about 8 years ago in recall.Please HELP!
crankshaft pulley came loose while driving, serpentine belt came off. inspection I found pulley loose and then pulled off of crankshaft. see that a rubber seal has dried an broken down. can I do this repair?
It makes this grinding rubbing sound the sound is very loud ?
When trying to get out of 4lothe shifter was difficult to move then suddenly broke free and now has no catch which renders me unable to get out of 4 lo. Please help.
Bass speaker only works once in a while. when it does work it is starting to get a "fuzzy" noise. I believe it to be a short in the wiring but can find nothing.
i can't find where rain water is entering car under dash. all weatherstripping is good and in place so it is believed to be entering in cowl and then coming into vents but hose tests reveal nothing. i'm at a loss. any help out there ?
Also when Im driving down the road the rpm needle goes up and down slightly
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