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67,000 miles just changed my oil, use synthetic and now the engine has a loud tick or knock at cold start up. After it warms up it quiets down to where you can hardly hear it at all. Once warmed up the oil pressure drops to 40 at idle.???

ignition switch, how to remove is locked

My 95 Jeep Wrangler is hard to start when cold. I replaced plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor button yesterday, but no improvement. The problem became serious about 2 weeks ago.

I can always eventually get it to start, and then have a strong fuel odor. Any thoughts? Thanks.

jeep won't start battery good starter good alternator good will run when you push it off new spark plugs some say it is the ignition please help

This morning, while trying to leave for work, I started my 2000 Jeep Wrangler SE (2.5L 4Cyl) but it idled funny, and then died. I then cranked the engine again, and it started, idled a bit smoother, but when I went to give it gas it died again. It is a safe bet that it's a fuel issue, but I want to see if I can get a better detailed opinion, as I don't have the cash to have it towed anywhere!

I have in between a quarter and half a tank of gas. It ran perfectly on Saturday (two days ago), but I didn;t run it at all yesterday. Please help!

Just had new spark plugs put in ran good over night went to start it up it would not turn over battery good could it be the spark plugs came loose or no good help

i have a 6 speed when i am at a red light it idles funny also sometimes when i give it gas it makes a ringing noise

i need a tune never had one 93.000 miles what part of the tune up can i do myself to save money

Why would a dealer want me to get my driveline flushed at 14,000 miles. I have not towed anything or gone off road. I use 4wd in the winter part time. I did however upgrade my tires an rims.
Ankeny, IA

Had our 4.2 Engine rebuilt My husband located a complete AX 15 Transmission to install at the same time we would be putting the motor back in. After many other issues he resolved Test drove the Jeep and noticed a knock in the transmission.

I have 1999 Jeep wrangler with Approx. 90,000 miles. I've recently noticed that I have to crank the engine longer before the engine starts when the engine is cold. I also had the check engine light come on approx. 4 months ago while driving on the highway.Had local mechanic Read code he said it was A TPS problem and reset set code. Could the hard start problem be related to the Throttle Position Sensor. If so how hard is this sensor to replace for a novice mechanic? Please help

When I put the Jeep in drive, there is a hesitation then goes into gear. Hoping it is not the transmission slipping!!! Has 124k just did cat, muffler,brakes!! UGGG
Thank you in advance

jeep drive good but at 45 mph it shakes really bad had the tires rebalanced didnt fix it, just wondering what could be the trouble

I HAVE A 1984 CJ-7 JEEP...The gas guage doesn't show an accurate reading. When the switch is turned on the guage needle goes to FULL regardless of the amount of gas actually in the tank. I've put in an after-market gas guage, new sending unit, and run new wires.

I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler (manual)and need to change the fluid in the transfer case, what kind do I get? Do I need ATF or will 80W-90 work great also? Thanks for the help.

I have taken out and cleaned my pcm but oil still keeps leaking on it and shorting it out. Any suggestions?

how to replace htr core

When pressing the clutch peddel in to shift the peddel wants to stop half way down. Do not know why.

how much to replace rear transmission seal?

I have developed a shimmy in the frontend. It only occurs around 50MPH and on certain road surfaces

ok, i just put in a brand new heater core in my jeep. before i put the new one in, there was antifreeze on the passenger side floor and my temp would rise at every red light. i put the new heater core in and less than 24 hours later, it was leaking again. my temp gauge was still getting hot when i would be sitting at a red light before and after i put the new core in. could this be caused by a sticking thermostat?

my 97 jeep has tapping about 30 to40 sec after starting then goes away after about a min or two.Is this a big problem?

just quit working tail lights r fine

The code pulls up as egr valve position sensor circuit low.
The engine light came on one night so I drove home and checked all the fluids and obvious things. Next day the Jeep would not start due to dead battery. I tested the battery. It tested fine. I charged it and started the Jeep. Then I tested the alternator for output and that is fine. Disconnected the battery for a while and then hooked it back up. Light went out and Jeep drove fine.
Now. 60 days later. Engine light came on again. This time I know about turning the key 3 times to get the code. I did that and got P0405. I see that cleaning the egv valve may be an option. But why is my battery dead after this happens? Is the solenoid getting stuck and draining the battery? If so should I clean it or replace it?

engine turns over tries to fire-up but won' can spray starting fluid in it and it will run ,then it dies

My Jeep has 47,000 miles on it..the Check engine light came on, flashing. Brought it to a local Midas where they told me that I need my fuel injector replaced. How is that possible this early in the Jeep's life? How much should it cost to fix?

it just sounds like i hear a roaring or whineing.a mec friend says all the bearing in trans are bad.shifts and goes down the road is a manual trans.

The AC liquid line on my Jeep has a pin hole and needs replaced. I got the part but the "Kit" we bought at Auot Zone that was supposed to fit everything, did not. Anyone know where I can get this tool?

my 99 jeep wrangler started but then back fired, so my son turned it off now it turns over but won't start acts like its not getting enough fuel to start, can anyone give me any suggestions on what might be wrong?