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After driving at highway speed my oil pressure gauge sometimes goes to zero when I stop. It never does this if I put it in NEUTRAL as I roll to a stop. I replaced the oil pressure sending unit
and it stopped doing this for a few weeks, now it's doing it again.
Can I download data from RepairPal to my computer? I want to backup the data.
Backed out drive to go to the store ,drove to just fine to store ,tried to back up and nothing . The jeep rolls like its in neutral when in reverse.
I had a friend who was interested in jeep and I was interested in selling but he was doing my repairs on transfer case when case started acting up my speed ometer and all went crazy so I called a used parts place and purschased a transfer case but when when to pick car up its not changing gears it will run but thats all the several weeks went by and guy that did my repairs comes by and trys to get me to trade my jeep for a suburban I wasn't trading but could he have left something not connected so It appeared not to work. He wants the jeep really bad and I am not willing to get rid of it so what could he of not connected
5 speed manual transmission jumps out of first gear
just bought jeep wrangler. when started today loud ticking in top half of engine. didnt notice it yesterday but very noticeable with hood up. no check engine light on.
shut it off and started it problem went away but have a rattle in the exhaust area now notice mainly on cold start all guages read good no smoke
My brake lights only work sometimes and I wanted to know how much it would be to rewire my brake lights
I was thinking ignition switch malfunction or starter malfunction.
I have juice from the battery, all wires are connected, the starter has been tested and works. I have not checked ignition switch but it would be the last resort. I have tested power at the terminals on the solenoid and have juice there as well. Is there a way to test the "starter" fuse?
Day time running lights work but the headlights won't turn on. The high beams only come on if I continuously apply pressure to the turn signal bar.
Fuse? If yes, where is it located in the fuse box? Diagram for fuse box doesnt list headlights?
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