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From one day to the next it went from cold to hot air shop said no freon and filled it and put in dye it was cold one day now hot air again help
Decelerated to 20mph and stayed at 20mph except when applying break. Lightning indicater engine symbol and ? Slippery rd indicator came on. Ticking sound when I try to start it

What seems to make the problem better or worse? after been driving it jerks
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
Had new motor installed last month. Had new fuel pump installed 2 weeks ago. Jeep was hesitating on mail route, so dealer installed new motor. Was throwing code O2 sensor & running lean, so my mechanic put fuel pump. My Jeep still hesitates but doesn't stall like before fuel pump. & it smells like an exhaust leak inside can of Jeep. Why? This car has been in the shop for 2 months or longer. I need to know why It smells like an exhaust leak. Please let me know your diagnosis asap. Thanks Pam
I drove through a mid puddle in my 2014 Jeep Patriot. Imediately afterwards it started running rough and louder, and sputtering. The problem hasn't gone away at all. No lights came on and everything else is fine.
just came on 7/20/17 looking for steps to reset . checked emergency brake not on, added about a table spoon of brake fluid, have no diagnostic equipment 45 miles away from a service center 74 living on SS. back yard mechanic in to my 50s.
the alarm works, I can also lock and unlock as well.
The abs and 4 wheel drive lights come on and it feels like the brake on the front left wheel slightly engages
2013 patriot 4cylinder 2 wheel drive...Started sputtering then abs and traction control lights came on and it started running smooth again....any ideas what it could be.
My gear in park but my dash says neutral
Suddenly loss of ability to accelerate.
Started with lights on occasion then would not go. Sensor? Or transmission? Try to take off from stop would big down and not go forward more than a few feet then big down again.

air bag burns
It happens often, it's always to the left it veers off then back to normal for a little while then it repeats.
I have removed the wheel, caliber and the center nuts but can't get the rotor off.
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