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Steering wheel shakes when speed get up to 60

I called a repair shop for an estimate on a header gasket replacement and they said they might have to flush the AC and refill it for this and I was wondering if they are going to need to do it or not. please and thank you.

my engine misfires when I first start driving but as soon as it "warms up"
(it's summer) it runs smoothly. The diagnostic reads random misfiring. The first mechanic replaced all the cylinder coils, it came back after a week, the second mechanic said it was a loose spark plug, and it ran smoothly for 4 days then started misfiring again. It doesn't shake like others have described and it doesn't backfire, I just don't get any juice when I first start out, but then it runs smoothly. Any ideas?

All of my lights came on my dash except my engine light what is the problem

It only bucks when I stop the jeep at a red light.

Everything was done- alignment, rotation and prior to that I had a tune up done about a week ago the tires were replaced. I didn't hear that sound before with the old tires...

what is the normal idle for a 2003 jeep liberty 3.7L V6 (cold and warm) mine threw a P0123 code not reaching target idle it idles at 1000 rpm cold and like 650/700 warm is this about right? seems ok to me

Was very random.

my 2003 jeep liberty sport 3.7/5 speed check engine light gave a P1281 code(not in Haynes manual) apparently its a manufactures code for a coolant problem. says that engine not reaching proper operating temp usually due to thermostat sticking open constantly letting coolant flow. there for cat converter not getting hot enough making it run rich and get poor mpg. New thermostat has less than 500 miles on it since engine has been completely, professionally rebuilt from top to bottom and water pump was done. temp gauge shows half and if I leave it running for a few mins cooling fan kicks on do these two things mean the engine is reaching operating temp? and this could be something different? Im about to change oil and flush radiatior after break in period of 500 miles should I just change thermostat and see if light goes off? engine runs fine except the check engine light and mpg I just did all 4 o2 sensors per prior check engine light (it went off and mpg got better) then light came back on and gave this code.

dealer indicated "brakes needed" $800. second opinion rear brakes were "shot".

Was driving down the road and lost all electrical power, pulled to shoulder and looked under hood and battery cable end was burned in two. Touched end to positive post and cable burned. I figure it's a dead short but can't find it.

I can hear the lock on the door opening but when I pull the handle the door doesn't open.

per dealership where the bulb is located will change the mileage and the part cost $500 which I do not have. heritage according to them you can just change the bulb because of where it is the truck. what can I do?

I opened my sunroof a few days ago. it is about 4 inches open. When i went to close it, it would not close. There is no sound, so the motor is not working. However, the motor IS working is working to open it. I unplugged my battery to try resetting motor. we are expecting T storms in 1.5 days.

When I started my jeep two days ago I heard a popping sound. My dash lights flickered and the fuel gauge moved back and forth. I parked the vehicle and sought help. I had it looked at and was told there was a loose hose but it continues. I am still not driving the vehicle. What could be the problem?

how much to put in seal

the # 306 code is going off and I my have to give it a tune up. I do not know.

i have alittle misfire i change spark plug and coil and i read that mistfire could be from the valve just want too know what exactly is and how much would a valve job would coast me

no fuel flowing to fuel injector

The noise is more apparent on the passenger side of the car. The Jeep is a LTD

the check engine light will not go off. another test was done and it shows that we should ceck the circuit fuse relay, were can that be found on the liberty jeep 2004,code P0038

rockers all in place wondering if engine flush might help thinking maybe oil port plugged off to lifter

they checked the alternator on the beach..and tested both the battery and alternator in the Jeep. Both Passes again...Battery light comes on and off.. Code P0562 I need some help.4


when reached 50-60mph and been noticing burnt smell had a tune up truck stopped jerking 2 days later while driving large clunk noise pulled over car turns over but wont drive transmission fluid looks black.

My ac compressor is going out I think I can bypass it. Right now I am still driving it but the ac compressor makes a lot of noise and smokes.

Jeep replace all my window due to failure to open and close. Yet the driver side still stick once in a while and I have to take it back down and then it will go all the way up. Also Jeep extended the warrant on its windows for 10 years.

My 2004 jeep liberty has a flashing check engine light and there is a knocking noise prevalent when pressing the gas pedal. Power is lower. I can also "feel" the knock in the gas pedal. Any ideas?

i took the plug out after researching misfire code to check compression instead of compression coming out i had suction and it ran without a skip with the plug out

it seems to be making a strange sound that is coming from the engine

I turn the key and nothing do it about 10 times before it catches and starts sometimes 20 times sometimes first try. Helpppppppp