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My brother is a mechanic for years & told me $800 or less for parts & labor but he's in another state. NYC is costly over $1200 to fix & install. Any dependable, reliable, Honest mechanics around that don't overcharge & takes pride in their work w/o lying to the customers & themselves. This.
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All turn signals work when headlights & running lights are off; when headlights are turned on, left front turn signal doesn't work & left arrow on the instrument panel comes on. All bulbs & all fuses are good.
Engine over heats and I cannot figure out where the fluid is going, not in oil and do not have fluid smell from the exhaust pipe or under vehicle. Reservoir is full and fluid will not go back into radiator when engine is cool. When engine is running and radiator cap is removed, have air blowing out of radiator with the cap off, is that a symptom of a blown head gasket or warped head? Engine does not run rough or bad. Have replaced the water pump twice and flushed the engine also replaced the thermostat.
initially they told me the oxygen sensors were bad replaced all four ran well for about 10miles check engine light came back on an runs extremely rough at a idole an check engine light blinks but when take to have codes read they tell me there are no codes but runs like a big peice

I recently purchased a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport, V6. The VIN # is1J4GK48K23W622181. It appears as though neither rear window goes up or down, may be the regulator. In addition, I would also like it to be checked out, is this part of your free estimate inspection?


Jim Long - Roswell
After a 40 mile trip. Never felt such heat as I exited the passenger side. Hood was not hot, no warning lights on. Never experienced that before. Outside temp was high 80's. Pulled into an open air covered parking garage.
also the automatic transmition shift lever does not lock in park
Codes U1110 & U1120 , help
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