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now it wont shift out of first at all when it was shifting it shifted through the restof the gears fine whats wrong do i need a new transmission
sometimes whistle worst in morn after about amile of driving> if i drive it hard in morning the whistle is loud enough for people to stop and stare
My backup lights on my jeep have decided to up and not work. Yes ive replaced the bulbs and checked all the fuses, by all I mean every single one because I know how they like to wire things stupidly. Any ideas on what it is?
Do I need a new fan or are there other things to check first?
an it also have 123000miles on it
Replaced iac and cleaned throttle body also. Changed plugs. Cant find vacuum leak anywhere. Smell gas and lost about 4 mpg within weeks. Ran super now all this seems to come at once. Codes are saying cant find target idle and once for map sensor volts but went away and hasnt came back up.
Need to replace it. Can I buy a used one
Have also replaced, water pump and thermostat, just looking for help, not sure what to do next.
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