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It would die a lot but now it will not even stay started
The pump is going out and leaking at the back hose.I plan on replacing them both but was wondering if I'd be able to move my current reservoir and conitue its use with a new pump or just get a new reservoir with the new pump. My current one seems fine.
Abs light brake lights go on and off
Engine light on
Overheated then started to work fine
Speed gage goes all the way up then dead
Where is it located?
Not a new problem, had it for years. I disconnect the battery to put the light off long enough to get the car inspected.. Its back on in a very short time though. Thank you ! Don
I was told this is a common problem with jeeps and a major expensive repair.... Can I do this myself ?
So... I got one for it today and now it won't run when I put the new one it, but it will run with the jumper wire. Any ideals as to why it is doing that?
I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 4.7 HO engine in it every time I started it puffs out a cloud of blue smoke and when I have it in park it seems that the engine compartment it's full of smoke as well!..what could be the cause of this and how can I fix it?
I replaced the bulb and the brake light comes on but when I press on brakes the light goes out , what am I looking for so I can fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem . I have a children , so I need to keep them safe
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