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Power comes into the transmission relay switch for a couple of seconds then throws code ( not sure but I think its 753 and the mechanic told me it goes into limp mode) and then kills the power. We have replaced the transmission twice so it cannot be the transmission or internals and I have replaced the PCM. I cannot find a TCM for this vehicle. I do not believe this one has one its all in the PCM. I have no 1st gear or overdrive. I can use second to third and that is it.
Will a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee loradeo windshield be the same size as a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee windshield?
Dash Lights will not com on I do have light on mileage gauge and info gauge
The whistling starts after 20 mins, and gets louder.
if fuse or relay were do I find ?
Battery and alternator test good. Changed starter and starter relay. Got jeep to start a couple times but now only starts if I put it in neutral.
It doesn't matter if it in neutral or put it in drive if u give it gas an let off it dies like u turn it off
I was on the highway doing about 100km an hour and needed to exit by giving it more gas to exit safely and at that split second it stalled. Got it towed home. Something is telling me that this engine does not want to give up as I changed all the plugs and started but only starts when the gas pedal is to the floor. Letting go of the gas will stall it. It smokes and clears. I vacuumed the cylinder and cranked it over without that plug in it to blow any debris out of it on its own so it's clean. Piston moves as it should. I checked the codes ( 55 ) all is good with that. This is my daily driver and never abused. Well taken care of. I do my own work as I enjoy doing it but this is taken way to long to fix or figure out. It threw the dip stick out 10 feet away at one point. It's a straight 6, automatic and with 269000 kms on it. Something is up with this jeep and retiring it over a part that is under 100 bucks is not going to happen but what is it? Any advise given that is not replied to just means it was checked or replaced already. Who can figure this is beyond me.
Had a bad tire on front that caused truck to sway right to left very bad, replaced the two front tires but can still feel a very slight sway at low speed
seems to only make noise once truck is in drive
going to replace heater core. windows fog up,condensation releases threw vent
doesn't make the sound when outside temp is below freezing. Had the power steering pump fluid changed. Didn't help. Can feel a slight drag on the steering when the moaning sound occurs.
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