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how hard are they to change out?

How hard is it to change the speed control sensor?

Don't know hwere to write reply to answers but the jeep has been checked for misfires and has never misfired????I'll ask about compression test can't help but wonder though about the bad wire

Not sure if EGR is correct, I have spent 4 momths trying to diagnose my Jeep have been to dealer and several local shops nobody can figure it out. The car constantly sends 02 codes and when the sensors are replace it sends same code again: Symptons are tttrembling and shaking feeling especially at idle and in reverse. Have checked for manifold leaks and have been told rheir are no vacumn leaks, thought I read somethng on hear about EGR Valve can this cause this and where is it on my Jeep would this valve send a code, I know this has everything to do with the emissions they keep telling me they want to look deep in my engine and I know what that means however the engine seems to run fine and still takes off just fine and the trembling isn't noticible at high speeds it has to be something simple like valve or wire just totally baffled can anyone suggest anything...this car only has 59,000 miles and has been well taken care of never had any engine light before this happend...and thats pretty good for a 12 year old car...HELP Please any idea would be greatly appreciated...

Could it be egr valve just reading about this on other cars. does my Jeep have an egr valve??? The rough idle and gas usage sound similar

I was 99% sure I had a cracked manifold which was causing my 02 sensors to code as bad. Took to a reputable exhaust specialist and says there are no exhaust leaks . But after that took back to shop and engine light was on and code said another sensor was bad..had it replaced this is the 4th sensor that has been replaced mopar only as per repair people. Within 24 hours the engine light came back on and was coding the same sensor that had just been replaced...the jeep still runs rough especially at idle and reverse...still has a diesel sound ..I don't know what to do now don't trust anyone. I have had so many unnecessary repairs done by the dealer and 2 other shops..could this be electrical or fuses or something like you think because I'm female they keep messing with me, keep talking about getting deep in my engine although the engine sounds OK especially at higher speeds seems to run OK. There are no other codes other than 02 sensors...this Jeep has 59,000 miles on it and has been well taken care of have never had an engine light or sensor problem until this past fall.....I really can't afford to just throw it away and thought I would get at least 2 more years out of it. Just put brand new tires on it in Sept. still has nubbies on them Please Help me the dealer here is not trustworthy have heard many people say this..why in the world are the sensors going crazy???

Lights came on on dash for service 4wheel drive, ABS and traction light. Won't go off. Car runs great. Cannot deactivate traction light with dash switch. Any idea what the problem could be. Code reader shows no codes.

all three freeze plugs under intake and exhaust manifolds are leaking

how much should I expect a rear main seal being fixed to cost me? I have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited

visual if possible

was an intermittent issue but now happens regularly when started cold. no fault codes have been found stored when checked previously

Just wondering approx cost to replace cracked manifold, exhaust system original to 2000 Jeep Grande Cherokee Ltd
Mileage 59,400 just don't want anymore surprises it is a 12 year old system. Just love this forum....very helpful

Engine light came on and took to shop said code for oxygen sensors replaced didn't make any difference returned (same code)then they said it was a false code that I had a burnt wire replaced wire after 2 hour diagnostic check at 80.00 per hour
then did "fuel cleaning " 99.00 also showed me a cracked not burnt fuse replaced it. Jeep still running bad returned they put second set same sensors in More $$$ Jeep still running as bad as before. Got 2 blks from shop engine light came back on says oxygen sensors OK this was the jeep dealer certified repair shop . The car actually has a shudder and vibrates which seems to get worse the longer it is driven really bad on idle seems to be using more gas and sounds just like a diesel pick up truck. This jeep had 58300 miles when problem began shop can't figure it out OMG HELP think cause I'm a girl I get 99.00 fuel cleaning Bottle of heat) treatment (didn't even clean fuel filter) The car does not misfire and engine sounds fine I refuse to believe that my Jeep is done for but have been told by shop to look for new car. I have read that this year has trouble with carbon build-up from manifold could this be the problem? Or vacumn leak or exhaust leak if it was cat converter wouldn't it code? Thought I saw similar problem on here but was never resolved. PS took to another shop and they checked harness and could not find a spliced wire from prior repair? So maybe I had a burnt wire maybe not???


is there a recall on pcm for this make/model.dtc code po720.

She is driving wonderful.. I only no the issue is there because my check engine light came on, other wise i would have known I had a problem?? It says it could be a internal transmission problem or a open or shorted circuit conditon,, How do I really no which problem it could be?

engine is making a ticking/tapping sound when stoped, runs good at all speads, sound is pissing me off at stop.

I have replaced the waterpump(it was leaking)I was hoping that was the problem. It gets worse the faster you go, with the window down at 40mph it pretty bad. at low speed you can make to get worse by stepping on the gas (it comes and goes).lying underneath at idle i can hear it. please help.

The code I was given is, B223D ocm DTC present. what does this mean?

I was driving on the highway, it was very low on water, over heating badly but I continued to drive to my destination for oil change & radiator flush at my uncles garage. Now it shakes and hesitates while driving, idling. Is there engine damage? Would changing the spark plugs stop the hesitation? Is the head gasket blown? Is the engine warped? What damage could the overheating cause? I'm scared to drive it, especially long distance now.

rpm 600 drops 400 rpm at a stop

interior lights stay on unless dimmed all the way down

both front windows quit working at the same time. checked fuses didnt see a problem there? what could cause this?

I am replaceing the rearend on my jeep and need to know what all reands will work with it>

if i have it up on jack stands you can move the axel in and out just a little bit on both sides of the rear end i have checked all of the rest of the rear end and this is the only thing that moves. when i drive it there is no noise or vibration at any speed. what could it be?

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee needs new throttle sensor and pig tail wiring that goes with it, auto place says its a common problem with Jeeps. They want to charge me right at $500.00 for this; is this even in the ball park of being reasonable? I live in St Louis. Any opinions is greatly appreciated.

I recently a yr ago or so rebuilt my front end (it wobbled) so I relaced tie rods.steering box,passenger knuckle. passenger axel. passenger hub, front breaks and motor mounts....Its doing it again and all my seals are leaking what the f?????

I know I have to get the serpentine belt off, any thing else?

When I back out of my drive way or hit a bump at an angle the rearend moves alittle side to side it feels like the axel is moveing and if the jeep is seting still I can push on the tires I can push on the tire and it feels like it moves the axel the jeep also has a 4" lift on it there is no noise comeing from the rearend and other then the movement it runs good what could it be

Just had battery replaced. All hoses and wires seem to be hooked up. When put it park it shudders a little bit, then cuts off.