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It's a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo. I just replaced the heater core and I'm thinking maybe I've messed up the linkage or something because now the shifter won't go into park.
I heard a loud bang going 70 on highway and pulled over got towed to a dealership. Got home with rental and noticed a line of fluid when I drove away being drive shaft broke. I am worried there are more serious issues with New car.
While heading to work going around 70mph check engine light came on flashing then stayed on, transmission relined and running around 75 mph when finally shifted over. Was not flooring gas pedal when happened just driving normal.
Leaking above transmission. Not pan or gasket. 2000 Jeep Gran Cherokee. 42RE tranny.
I put new crank, cam, and coolant sensors on and new starter, the Jeep still turns really slow and won't start
what do i do if i change the blend door on my jeep grand cherokee 2001 but i still get a/c only on my driver side?
my passenger side gets both
A/C cools properly, but the system in the car cabin makes a wheezing noise like its breathing in and out. Does not make the noise if i turn off the A/C and run in heat mode. Just had the evaporator repalced.
Nothing has been wrong I replaced My fuse for my Stereo and decided to check all of my fuses under my hood and now my Jeep will not start completely unless I give it gas
I think the 4 wheel drive is sucking up alot of trany fluid and i was wondering how do you shut it off
The place that I took it for inspection said that I need a new engine. Is that true or the issue is fixable
I start me 95 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0 and put into reverse and it will idle rough and want to die and and when it in dive when i come to a stop ot wants to die
I have issues with my coolant disappearing very quickly. I have had to refill a whole gallon of coolant within a week. There are no traces of coolant leakage on the pavement or under the car. However, I have had ongoing issues with vapor coming out of the vents whether the AC is turned on or off with an awful chemical smell. (I drive with the windows down). The mechanics I bring this issue up to don't seem to believe anything I have to say and just keep fixing other things that may solve the issue. I am in desperate need of a real solution. I have had to resort to rebuilding an engine too. And get this: now my car shows signs that my oil pressure is low when I am stopped and returns to about 40 when I accelerate. All these repairs with the same coolant issue... Disappearing coolant with no trace of where it has gone. And please don't say "get a new car" in response I would like to hear some good advice please. :) Thank you and have a good day! If you have more questions, I will gladly answer to help with diagnosis.
my light up with the electronice throttle conyrl
This just happened the other day all of a sudden
I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 with electrical issues. My radio and blower motor turn on randomly. 75% of the time they do not turn on whenever I use my jeep. Any ideas as to what this issue could be? Or how much I could be looking to spend if I have a shop attempt to fix it? Whenever this jeep was bought it had some sort of nest in the blower motor. I replaced that 4 years ago. I have tried other radios, and a new climate control cluster. I have also replaced the heater resistor switch (I believe that's what it was called). Any advice would be great.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing, completely random
How long have you had this problem? A few months
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