Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Questions

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Took my vehicle to a shop to get transfer case fixed about a week ago I was just wondering how long it takes for them to fix it
dash board lights up and goes off normally, turn the ignition key and it turns over but doesn't start, battery fairly new and charged up. what could be the problem. recently got help with jump leads trying the positive and negative and then negative and positive and it started, but if left for a day in cool garage it would get started.
When turning the key in my 2008 Grand Cherokee it just turns but will not turn over what could cause the problem it has a automatic start that will not start if neither it just turns turns turns but will not turn over
I replaced the hcu. Module still having problems. Getting a stuck brake light switch code. Could the switch cause it to lock up
I have change the pads but the noise is still there I was told it is common on srt8
I some how did not know , the action of removing your keys from the ignition by turning the car on and off it would delete the program in your sentry keys..
types of lift kits
lifted cars
I installed on my jeep srt8 obx long tube headers for now and I j misfire at low revs with the engine light lit shek What should I controlled
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