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Everything operates and functions correctly except for remote entry. Performed auto scan,no faults in any module
When i turn my air or heat on in my car nothing comes out and neither do you hear a fan or motor for it come on and im really trying to get it fixed soon
Took battery out and when went back in the key light blinks and it turns over then shuts off.
Seems like not completely engaging or disengaging making noise. Hard getting in & out of 4 wheel drive, did get in 4 high and 4 low and was smooth after messing with shift selector
2001 jeep grand cherokee, when I turn ignition on I hear several clicks then the interior lights go out, was doing it but was able to jump start, then it wouldn't start w/ a jump, replaced battery and starter but have same issue
Stops the miss firing after reset or disconnecting the battery
My 2000 jeep grand cherokee limited shuts down while driving only when it's hot outside. Replaced the crank Shaft & cam Shaft sensor. New computer. New fuel pump. There's no warning when it's going to shut off then it doesn't want to start back up for between 5-20 minutes... any suggestions? ??
We have a 09 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L, recently we have had issues with the ETC light coming on when towing. We have it in tow haul and the trailer is not over weight for the vehicle. Any help or recommendations is appreciated.
work fine at startup dont work after engine is warm and put ,again ,in reverse
It just started this two days ago it'll start up and run real good no problem and then if you stop and wait an hour or two to get back in and start it up it doesn't even turn the motor on or anyting what could be the problem
going to purchase a used vehicle before we buy it need to know if it will have enough umph to drive on sand
My truck overheated tonight I put cooliant in it after it had cooled off. So when I tried to drive it was acting like it didn't Want to pick up speed and the steering wheel felt lose and when I tried to use the breaks it felt like I had no breaks and it started to overheat while driving it as well
No strange noise, have temp control but change where the air blows
this has been going on for about a week put oil in it n fuel cleaner n still doing when i get up to 30 mph it slow down a little
It is a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 motor turning over good but not getting any fire
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