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Ft rear axle seal leaking 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Cost to fi
Gas cap wasn't on correctly and MIL light came on. I corrected the gas cap problem but don't know how to get the light to turn off without going to dealer.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? n/a
How long have you had this problem? couple days
the fan will not work any more, and it was just blowing air thru the defrost vents.
I always test thw oil and i changed the oil watch but when ever the temperature goes to normal the oil lamp goes on only when my rpm is 550 if i press a little gas it goes off when the rpm reaches 550 the oil lamp goes on agian but if my temperature is below the normal the oil lamp does not goes on
Brown sticky substance in the main computer plugs
Just had another rear axle installed, so now I've noticed dripping at the fittings on both sides and the ABS light is on.
is the Cadillac converter under the power train warranty and if there is a recall for this issue
The drivers side window is the only working power window. Cannot unlock doors with either key fob or interior switch. All except drivers windows do not open. Any clues greatly appreciated. J
Every time I start it it pops and dies if u touch the gas at all
My 2004 4.0 grand cherokee limited keyless remote does not unlock doors. Also unlock on drivers door only unlocks drivers door. Only the drivers power window opens.
Will a weak or bad battery make my 08 Jeep laredo crank slow even after I charge it or get it jumped from another vehicle?
My 2002 jeep grand cherokee doesn't want to go over 50mph,when I'm on the expressway,it struggling
the engine seem to want to shift again at 70mph
I'm looking for a jeep grand Cherokee AC control box, I have started to purchase the one on a site but the unit has a slightly different part number mine is 12201559AE the newer one ends in AC but with same number can you advise please?
My engine has locked up out of the blue. It didndt over heat nor did the oil pressure indicator change. I smelled burning, and noticed that the belt was melting and was coming apart some. I haven't driven it since. I also noticed that I lost my cold air from ac at the same time. Has my motor gone out, or could it be related to the ac.
Speed doesn't matter.
Need to know which Dana model is in it so I can order the proper clutch pack for the rear diff.
It will started fine most of the time but then sometimes it takes several tries to start it and stay running. It may happen After sitting a day or so I will go out and start it and it will start fine then die I have to do this several times before it will stay running. Sometimes it does it even after driving it just a block or so, I will shut it off and upon starting it again it will start for a second then die several times before it will stay running. This happens randomly. Replaced fuel filter already and still does it.. Happens at the worst times. I am just scared it will do this at nite in the middle of no where when I am by myself. Please help
my defroster will not blow cold when using air for inside car
So my reverse lights have decided to work when they want to, which is maybe 1 time a month if that... also my passenger brake light keeps going out. I replace the bulb and within 24 hours it doesn't work. Fuses all look good. Please help!! I'm at my whits end with this truck!!
Car occasionally stalls when at low idol. Seems to happen the most when slowing to make a turn into a driveway or stopping for a stop sign. Anyone have any ideas, repair shop could not make it happen. TY
I believe the gas gage is also not. Working. I parked it with 1/2 tank. Now it's got the light on, put an addtl 7 gals in, no register, no start.
Hello! Good afternoon. My Serpentine belt broke a few days ago, the wheel locked up and i managed to pull it over. The jeep would turn on and off perfectly fine, just had a very tight steering wheel. Towed to shop they replaced the belt and said there was an issue with a pulley- didnt expalin much more and I was too busy to get into detail. Since the repair the jeep had a weird clanking metal sound when starting, but would still start and run to work that day and back. Next morning jeep won't start at all. Car shop is closed over the weekend. I am wondering if when the serpentine belt broke it messed with something else. And if so if theres anythign at all I can do, already spent a couple hundred replacing the serpentine belt at the shop.
The light came on I replaced all o2 sensors with recommended sensors and almost two months later, its back same codes.
I have a JGC Ecodiesel. I'm trying to find out at what coolant temperature does the "Engine Temp Hot" DID get enabled on the instrument panel. PO 217
They have the same motor
I changed the #6 spark plug, coil 2×. From what I have been reading it's a common problem. I brought it to shop "a" for a diagnosis. They quoted me $2500 to fix the valve seats and machine them both. They said I should do both sides. I brought it to shop "b" they said it's not likely I need the valves done. He thinks it's a vacuum leak and or air intake sensor. I hadded to pick it up and bring it back when I have the $$ to get it fully diagnosed.
46RH trans with NP249 transfer case
I have replaced map & cam sensors as well as the oil sending unit but it's still doing the same thing

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