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recently battery went dead,when I put on the heater the dashboard don't dim ,only when iput on car headlights,
The battery is good, the alternator is new, but the car dies while running. When I jump start it, it dies. The gauges bounce when the key is out. The battery gauge moves up and down while running.
I need a new transfer case for my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and am looking at buying a second-hand one online but don't know what type I need?
when shifting into drive the car would read 3 instead of D then the check engine light would go on. I would shut the car off and put into gear and would go into D the check engine light eventually goes off
broke drive belt ran great before after replacing belt,plugs,engine temp sensor it wont idle on its own and runs rough plugs are fouled with damp black soot after only about 15-20 mins of run time. also no fluid loss no water in oil or transmission. sensor maybe??? maf sensor tps sensor???

new jeep--1000 miles---lightning bolt image flashing with A button and engine light on--can't drive over 40 mph without rpm's high--almost seems like it's stuck in gear or something--any ideas---tried shutting on and off?? Running great ---only 1000 miles on it wth?? thasnk you for any answers
Battery was completely dead, new battery put in and also drained in short order. Auto Zone guy checked car and said alternator is bad. the alternator was replaced less than 2 years ago, what would cause it to go bad so quickly?
jeep will not start,it turns over very good.replaced fuel pump and coil pack,still not starting
It's a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo. I just replaced the heater core and I'm thinking maybe I've messed up the linkage or something because now the shifter won't go into park.
I heard a loud bang going 70 on highway and pulled over got towed to a dealership. Got home with rental and noticed a line of fluid when I drove away being drive shaft broke. I am worried there are more serious issues with New car.
While heading to work going around 70mph check engine light came on flashing then stayed on, transmission relined and running around 75 mph when finally shifted over. Was not flooring gas pedal when happened just driving normal.
Leaking above transmission. Not pan or gasket. 2000 Jeep Gran Cherokee. 42RE tranny.
I put new crank, cam, and coolant sensors on and new starter, the Jeep still turns really slow and won't start
what do i do if i change the blend door on my jeep grand cherokee 2001 but i still get a/c only on my driver side?
my passenger side gets both
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