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Rough idle in drive when stopped goes away while driving. But returns when car stop
I removed the cluster but I don't see any bulbs and I'm not sure how to remove the indicators without damaging them.
When driving it vibrating.had motor scaned had tires balance new breaks and tires.
1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee has no overdrive or reverse and idk the cause. Of course transmission issues but what kind exactly?
I’ve owned 2 grand Cherokee and with each one the lower ball joints fail yearly
Will a starter from a 1996 jeep Grand Cherokee work on a 2000 jeep Grand cherokee
truck was running fine. all of a sudden the dash gauges come on, radio stops working, truck is still operating fine. stopped-turned truck off-started it back up with no problems but gauges are still on and the radio is still not working
I changed the ignition coil of same input three times in 5000 miles, even I never drive my Cherokee fast or hard. I was wondering if there is any reason that is causing this failure as well while subjecting my Cherokee to scanner, nothing is showing up.
Thank You
I let my battery run down to low and lost current to my Jeep. I charged a new battery and started my Jeep it runs for a few seconds then dies. How can I rest the key-chip or bypass the security system so I can drive my Jeep
I had the rear shocks replaced on my son's Jeep while he is away on Army deployment. The Technician at the Sears Auto Center indicated the leak on my bill although he didn't specify what side its leaking from. How much would a repair like this cost on averge and would the Jeep dealer where we bought the vehicle be the best place to go for the work or is this something any reputable garage can do?
Had car 3 weeks not had a Cherokee before just wanted to know if the cruise control lights come on at night so I can see them
please i need an information about O/D button on the gear lever what is it for?
The idol is going up and down. And the pressure is too. It starts up after its been running awhile. What is my issue?
It's been 4 days now that my Jeep won't start. I bought it last month and it ran great but sometimes it wouldn't start right away and I had to turn key quickly a few times and it would turn over and start. Now it doesn't start at all when I insert key and try to start it all I hear is a clicking sound and all Fuses are good
It was running an I was checking the fuses an pulled one out an it died an won't start back up what can I do to fix it
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