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This past summer I purchased a 2000 Jeep Gr Cherokee Laredo with 89,000 miles. As the temperatures got colder I noticed the heater was blowing luke warm air at best. The coolant was a bit low so we added some. Still luke warm. Replaced the thermostat. Still luke warm. Finally took it in to a mechanic and he replaced the water pump and flushed it twice. He said it may need another flush to completely restore heat. It was blowing hot when we left, but has since gone back to being luke warm. The guage reads around 210 on the dash. The hoses feel fine. Could it be that it needs another flush or is it more like to be something else? I hate to spend the money to do that again with no results.
Oil pressure is low at idle then increases as rpm goes up 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee 175,000 mi. 6 cyl. problem just started with no warning.
can't tune some of the local FM station on my U connect radio
What is a Cam Phaser and why is it going to take 14 hours of labor to repair.
My husband just bought me a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo will start the fuel pump kicks on then it just dies there is a key with a line thru it
it starts most of the time but at times I have to put it into neutral than back to park to get it to start
Im looking into buying a 2000-2005 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.7L V8 (I like those years body styles). I have two 12' pioneer champion series 1400W subwoofers and I'm planning on getting two more alpine type r12's as well. (That's around 9,000 watts) Obviously I need another battery for that, but for this build I want to lift it and get metal bumper with winch and 4 lightbars with 4 LED pods.(12,000 pound winch) (54' lightbar over windshield and 3 20" lightbars. Two on roof facing to the sides, and one 20' lightbar facing trunk/rear. Then have pods in front bumper. I was hoping I could leave stock battery alone and add one for my soundsystem and another for my LED's and winch. I would need another alternator. Would one 140+ amp alternator be ok to hook up for LED's, soundsyystem, and winch? This is my overkill dream build, I'm just wondering on your thoughts, comments, and if this it even possible....Thank you!
There are a lot of miles on it and also sometimes my battery gauge will go low then right back up again and I replaced the battery last winter. Over the summer my Jeep would do the same thing while in park, RPMs will go up, same thing it’s doing now.
i start my jeep up, put it in gear its a v8 4.7 automatic 99 grand cherokee, it starts out great, but wont shift, as soon as I clear the code with my obd 2 checker all is fine, shift great runs great. What do i need to change out? She a great jeep, did me well in the service. I want to keep her. any help would be appreciated.
Every time I try to use the heater
When going over a speed bump I'm hearing a creaking sound from the front of my Jeep.
My jeep has a bad coolant sensor, and two days ago the check engine light turned on within an hour it turned back off and then today my car died and won’t turn on.
Starts fine runs for about 2 seconds and shuts down just need to know how to reset.
I am using the chipped key that would always work before
I was test driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee Sports 2005 and it swerved to the right at 55m/hr and also vibrated too. The car has very wide tires and is 180K and wonder what could be the issue before I throw my money away of $2500. I checked the car history but shows minimum accidents, not savaged, and no major accidents except the recall. Theres some rattling noise from the air conditioner.Please help Pals!
This only happens when it is hot and humid outside. I have replaced the fuel filter and cam sensor.
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