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had just added fluid and drove to store
it happened 4 times in 30 days
When taking off giving the gas the car Boggs down then takes off. When passing another car the same thing happens it Boggs down hesitates then kicks in.
I am looking for a shop neaR 63144 which can work in the RENIX System
I have code P0700 P0740 P1568. They replaced the TCC solenoid. With the fluid exchange. Then the bad cluster or NO BUS on odometer shows up. I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 V6. I'm guessing it's a faulty wire some were. Or the CPS. Any guess on what it could be? The transmission shifts great no stalling or slipping. It's just eats up on fuel. Sometimes the check engine goes on and off when off, the gas gauge hardly moves. When it's on it wastes fuel. I have also noticed burnt oil lately. I have put 8000 mile and have changed the oil 5 times.
check engine code is p0405.
Gas gauge and speedometer stopped working
My jeep will start fine but when your goin down the road it wants to cut out and not go when you give it gas it takes a while before it stops what could be wrong with it
Vehicle also stalls and sputters ,dies,won't start
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