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Come to a complete stop but when I start to pull off its like my transmission didn't kick down to 1st gear. Give it gas rpms are real low until it kicks into 1st or 2nd gear. Sometimes I can downshift to first when it does it to get it to act right.

I had brake lights but no running lights thought I got it fixed but now the brake lights are not working. I replaced all fuses inside and out and nothing. Dash lights are out now too. What could be causing this

one owner Estate find, cant find a book value any help would be great

We drove from our house to my sister-in-laws house which is 8 miles, no problems. We left her house and got about 9 miles and suddenly in 4th gear started to lose speed, down shifted to 3rd gear and no change still lost speed. What could it be, please?

fuel pump, filter, throttle body modulator have been changed. previous symptom: high RPMs at starting. key starter switch sometimes failed-by-pass button installed directly to battery. with present problem stater will run but engine won't start using by-pass button.

My jeep cuts off in the middle of driving when it reaches 210 temp

trying to get codes to get emission test performed and scanner will not connect

I've replaced crank sensor coil plugs wires two relays in fuse box under hood cleaned throtle body wires and wrapped em properly car still stalls while driving after it starts missing and obdtwo diag still shows po123 to much voltage meter reads 5.15

I bought a fuse last friday for brake lights and signals. it blew this morning. bought a new one this morning and it blew too.

and was wondering if the head gasket was goin out or how my mechanic friend would diagnose the problem or issues

This is a 2001 entire Front Dana 30 replacement for my 2000 Cherokee as on mine the Coil spring saddle rotted completely off. Now I find the drivers side steering knuckle is frozen and will not turn.

Can use power probe to go down. Checked master switch, ok. It's driving me crazy..

It's a 93 Cherokee 270k miles she goes thru oil transmission and break fluid like nobody's buiesness. But I can't get a quote on how much it will cost to rebuild the motor

Front drive shaft is loose. Is this a problem with U joints?

This is a New England vehicle, 103,000 miles. A welder I know is concerned there is not enough "meat" left on the axle housing to weld. I haven't tried brushing or grinding it to verify. A found a company that makes a replacement part, but they have not responded to my email's about delivery. Everything else is fine. It will need new shocks all around.

The truck has been blowing fuses left and right since the radio was installed and now fuses look fine but fuel gauge quit working stuck on full and dome light wont go off and radio has been removed now too but still everything is acting screwy.. Also acts like a fan isn't working because thermostat rises when sitting still or going slowly but cools down when running highway speeds.

the engine is a 6 cyl 4.0 in a rear wheel drive and an automatic transmission. i need the sizes and thread counts.
there are also two nuts for the elecrical connection to the positive terminal and the solenoid. can you tell me what those are?

Alarm light on instrument panel.
"P I" .
Turn key, nothing happens, does not turn over. Just get the alarm lights.

I just replaced the flywheel and crankshaft position sensor in my 96 Cherokee Country. The vehicle will crank now but when put into gear the transmission makes a terrible noise. It was not cranked while towed. But the front tires look extremely out of line. What are possible damages from towing in this manner.

acceleration when i'm drive in it I need help what to look for and how to fix it please

I have low oil pressure when idling