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Put an new engine in now the keep won't start. Timing chain is on right it cranks over but won't start
05/10 noticed missing broke bolt oil leaks down passanger side block leaked before now more so the whole side is covered bit my oil level is fine Got work done in by a shop there03/2017 valve cover gasket replaced. Oil pan gasket replaced frnt and rear differtials serviced new rear drums new frnt and rear shocks new ...had more work done in 04/2017 new power steeringline new u joints front axle both sides and axle seals both sides....since o bought for 1500 12/2016 for 1500 ibe noticed oil where the block meets the head valve cover is oily on top ccvs seem to clear. No oil in coolant oe coolant in oil...coolant bottle is full but if look in tje radiator cap cant see any bent neck tube though...small sand build up dosent overheat rough idle no coolant loss that i know of is my head gasket ffffd how do i get the bolt...neither mechanic has mentioned anything about the oil or head gasket or coolant i brought my jeep nack to the first place i got work done because rhe oil pan was still leaking....theu said it wasnt the oil pan but rear main seal did the first shop ffff my vavle cover bolts should nring it bakc to them for warranty wjy didnt either suggest new bolts idk what do ido already 4500 in wanted to restore us as dd
I need my car. Diagnostic says manifold. Does that mean it is the manifold or could it be heater core problem that is affecting. Manifold?
Transmission not shifting correctly when First cranked. Have to speed up to get It to change into 1st & 2nd gear
Mostly but not always after an open road drive of 30+ miles. Then resets itself after about one minute. Repeats every few minutes in traffic once it starts.
Dealer suggests replacing differential position sensor after reading fault code.
Sometimes it has to sit alittle while before it will crank back up
where are the transmission sensors?
rumbles for a few seconds and then is ok
New- starter, alternator, neutral safety switch, fuel pump relay switch, ignition coil, got tune up, oil change on regular basis. When I turn the key over I hear the fuel pump turn on but nothing else happens.
between the tach and speedometer shows the tire pressure. How do I get the digital speedometer on?
My 2001 Jeep Cherokee will not start I do not hear the fuel pump coming on I've checked the relay I need to know if there is another fuse for the pump
I am having to run my Jeep morning and night or it will not hold a charge. I am told the battery is good and still under warranty and that it is not the alternator or fuel pump. If I do have to have someone out to jump it they say they won't replace the battery. They don't check connections or grounds or clean terminals or anything, so how do I ask them to do that or is anyone else having this problem and if so do you know the reason for it. Mileage is 80,000.
Do know that the thermostat is faulty and have appointment to fix it. Got an alert saying that my engine is hot, but there is no reading on my coolant temperature. Jeep was not blowing out any hot air inside of the car. All other temperatures were normal, and was driving just fine. Have done highway and regular driving. Error messages popped up while driving highway. This is the 2nd time that it's come on in 2 days. Also says to service my electronic throttle control.
Have already replaced the starter
White smoke coming from motor and tail pipe and no oil was on the oil stick when I checked it
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