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Rear window defrost not working. was working 4 days ago what shoud i look for?

How much should this repair cost?

dont have fuse layout

Driving at speed of 55 and over my Jeep Cherokee Sport begins to vibrate and a roaring sound occurs. I've had the tires balanced and rotated and it is progressively getting worse. The noise is not there during city driving but beginning to vibrate at lower speeds now.

got a check engine light on my 1998 jeep cherokee (178K miles) for a bad transmision sensor. vehicle runs and shifts great. Light came on immediatly after battery was ran dead and had to be restarted. ALSO I have noticed oil on the crank case around the CCV valve what the heck do I do with that ridge mess of hoses.... I dont want to break it and make more of a job.

Thanks for the help

I am a rural mail carrier and about 2 hours into my route I have a place where I have to stop and turn off my Jeep, when I get back in to start it will barely run, it sputters, dies sometimes and sometimes backfires it takes a couple of minutes to get over this fit but then it runs just fine. One time it threw a code 3rd cylinder misfire, I changed the plugs etc and still have problems. Lately, it don't throw the check engine light. Any ideas what this could be, about to drive my mechanic nuts, he used to work for a Jeep Dealer.

had trouble starting but eventually did and ran great. Then just stopped starting. Replaced starter, and that didnt work. Then replaced crank sensor, and that solced the problem for a week. Now, its back to cranking but not starting.

Problem started suddenly. Dash lights won't work. Blows # 6 fuse. Replaced headlight switch. No help. Tried removing all other lights (parking, tail, sidemarkers,license plate) then tried. Still no dash lights.Turn on rear defogger and dash lights come on. All other lights work. HELP PLEASE !!!

I have been told that my vehicle needs a body control module. Could you tell me how much this should cost?

I bought a 92' straight six 4.0 Jeep Cherokee. I thought I was getting a good deal but may have ended up with a headache. After a month of driving it, my thermostate gasget cracked causing me to lose coolant. I replaced the gasget, theromastate, and added more coolant. Later started having heating problems at the start of summer. I added water in to the cooling system thinking this would help. Than took out the thermostate to check for problems. I was told I could leave it out as long as the weather isn't cold. And the past few weeks when I get off it is cool but not cold. Now I have a chirping noise underneath my hood and I am figuring it is coming from my serpentian belt. But don't know if it is a pully, belt, pump or what acting up. Can anyone help?

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ok i have no spark. new coil, cap ,rotor. asd chatters after i turn it over. brand new battery.

Replaced rear three weeks ago, with one that has the same 373 gears and a bigger ring& pinion gear . Noticed a slight rumble when decelerating while driving. Replaced the universals on the rear drive shaft. Sound still there and now louder rumble( feels like you are driving on rough pavement). Is it a trans/computer problem that needs update, or a gear in the trans goin bad?

told rear shocks leaking and need to be replaced

Overheating broke down on the way to va. Radiator had to cracks had it replaced. Check engine lt finally went out only a few days. Now water is spraying and spewing out from AC or something on the top of passenger side and overheating. AC currently does not work

Overheating, no exhaust pressure, cannot go up an incline

Mechanic is working on this now for me.

what would it cost to replace Pinion seal on differential on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

What is cost of new U-Joint?

how much does it cost to replace aU-Joint for 1999 Jeep Cherokee/

What is cost to replace U-Joints on 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

Last night someone tried to steal my 99 Jeep Cherokee Sport. They tried to start it by jamming something into the key cylinder. They ended up breaking the looking mechanism and now my key won't work, it won't turn. Most repair manuals say the key must be in the "ON" Positin to change, since mine won't turn will this be a problem. Help please!

I had what the mechanic called a master overhaul (1,483.00) THE DAY AFTER I PICKED IT UP THE CAR STARTED SMOKING AND WAS LEAKING FLUID. I BROUGHT IT BACK AND WAS TOLD I NEED NEW LINES and would be charged AN ADDITIONAL 400.00. should that have not been included in a master overhaul? WHEN i pick it up again the following morning when i started it , it would not go in reverse he now says it is the neutral safety switch and they want another 500.00 to change it. am i being overcharged

Having a problem finding the police transfer case and how much will labor cost?

Smaoking and loud noise. Hole in side of engine and smoke coming from the car.
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repeat of earler there a fuse for the cc on the 91 jeeep cher?n

Quit cooling, will not take any freon, makes terrible noises and sort of grinding sound

Check engine light came on during a long drive 5 weeks ago - was hot and AC was running on high. Shut AC and amp needle clibed noticeably. After resting the car for about 2 hours, the check engine light came back on at start up, but shut off 20 minutes into driving (AC was on and amp needle was low).
Next day and for several days light stayed off. Then had an oil change and light has been on continuously for two weeks.

After being on the road awhile I can smell oil or antifreeze - when taken to mechanic they could not find a leak anywhere. Just notice when I opened the hood coolant in various small pools inside the engine compartment. I have had to add coolant a couple times in the past 1000 miles.

my cruise control stopped working in the looks like everything is hooked there a fuse for this?

Just happened