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I bought it used but there was no owner's manual
new to me jeep. It is skipping and bogging down when excelerating and now has started overheating and has no coolant in both heater hoses and the thermostat housing is bone dry. I don't see an external leak anywhere. there is a hose T in heater hose, with engine just started I have steam or vaporized antifreeze coming out when I opened cap to see if coolant was flowing. upper hose gets rock hard after short drive 5mi. or less. codes show cylinder 2 missfire.
Had work done on crank shaft sensor maybe 3 months ago. Pretty sure it was crankshaft,,, i did not take it in. It would not start like i ran out of gas. So they said it was a sensor. boom fixed.

Just changed my break pads....ran soooo good... all of sudden i hear a weird sound like something fell inside my hood. My serpentine belt was tore off....had a weird piece of plastic stuck under my water pump and the the round thing under that. Found a wire broken and a piece at the end that should have been bolted down. Could that be my old sensor that they just left siting in there. Would i know if i lost any other sensors.

I think my water pump got a little compromised.......its running a little hot. How would i know if its missing something. i have the part and it sure looks like a crankshaft sensor. By looking it up. Anything you can say will help.

I'm scared to drive any where long distance.
In Wellsburg, WV
the manifold seems to be resting on the axel so I am wondering maybe I cant use this type of manifold on a 96:(
4.0 hi output 6 cylinder 2 wheel drive, I noticed it's quite common for the exhaust manifolds to crack, on other years as well, is there a flaw with this part which is causing it to crack?
Added brake fluid and waited 1 hour, started the engine and I noticed brake fluid on garage floor and inside the engine.
What have I done and how much is it going to cost to repair?
Thank you,
Valerie Heller
I have not installed the sway bar kit yet im just tinking if i doit my be a problem
while driving my jeep at 45 to 50 MPH if i hit a small bump or rut in the road my vehicle starts shaking violently. I must bring the vehicle to a full stop to get the vehicle under control
while driving my Jeep Cherokee at 45 to 50 MPH the vehicle starts to shake violently if i hit a small bump or rutt in the road. I must come to a full stop to get it under control again.
My jeep has a problem with dying all of a sudden and it wont restart.It will sometimes run for a few days and then it does it again, I have replaced the crankshaft sensor but it still does the same thing.Dealer told me it might be the computer or wiring but they couldnt be sure.I get code 1694 ,Is there any way to tell wich one.Maybe there is a certian part of the wiring harness that has problems?
Pinion seal removal
Pinion seal removal
from the front right tire, also a little vibration in the stearing wheel, what is causing this?
How much is that to repair?
Thank you,
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