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It happens often, it's always to the left it veers off then back to normal for a little while then it repeats.

Cranks right back Up runs fine till I stop again continues to do this

Able to unlock doors but not back lift gate.

so the car feels like it is dragging and I followed the instrcutions to take it out of 4wd low. When I did that it displayed service 4wd

I've changed about everything I can think of even computer. It will stall at anytime without warning. Seems as if the fuel pump is shut off. Sometimes will fire up immediately, other times may take an hour. But it will start as if nothing was wrong. Very dangerous in traffic. Need help.

My A/C is only blowing out of top defrost vents. Same with my heat it only comes out defrost as well.

I have a engine that is missing badly. No steam from exhaust, no oil in the water but the passenger side head has horrible compression while the driver side registers at 180 psi. per cylinder. Also the passenger side spark plugs are gas soaked. Should I pull the head or check the timing? Previous owner said it showed him codes for camshaft sensor.

I have removed the wheel, caliber and the center nuts but can't get the rotor off.

front hood is stuck will not open

Rear windows are designed to not roll down to the level of the bottom of the window opening. Leaves approx 3 to 4 inches of glass showing. Is there a way to get the window complete down?

Cleaned idle valve, cleaned throttle body, changed plugs, checked tps 14%-74% smoothly all the way through, 1.3.5 plugs were very dark while 2,4,6 were somewhat more acceptable. When I press the pedal it just dies, if I start it with the pedal already pressed it will work over 1,500rpm in a smoother manner but not normally. Have never changed cats in 145k miles. It feels as if one plug is not working but all coils are ok and again no codes at all. I'm stumped... Could it be a clogged cat? Hope is not a valve...

Put an new engine in now the keep won't start. Timing chain is on right it cranks over but won't start

05/10 noticed missing broke bolt oil leaks down passanger side block leaked before now more so the whole side is covered bit my oil level is fine Got work done in by a shop there03/2017 valve cover gasket replaced. Oil pan gasket replaced frnt and rear differtials serviced new rear drums new frnt and rear shocks new ...had more work done in 04/2017 new power steeringline new u joints front axle both sides and axle seals both sides....since o bought for 1500 12/2016 for 1500 ibe noticed oil where the block meets the head valve cover is oily on top ccvs seem to clear. No oil in coolant oe coolant in oil...coolant bottle is full but if look in tje radiator cap cant see any bent neck tube though...small sand build up dosent overheat rough idle no coolant loss that i know of is my head gasket ffffd how do i get the bolt...neither mechanic has mentioned anything about the oil or head gasket or coolant i brought my jeep nack to the first place i got work done because rhe oil pan was still leaking....theu said it wasnt the oil pan but rear main seal did the first shop ffff my vavle cover bolts should nring it bakc to them for warranty wjy didnt either suggest new bolts idk what do ido already 4500 in wanted to restore us as dd

Can code be caused by a bad car audio wiring job? Tech said that who ever wired my car audio wired it wrong causing a misfire?

occurs between 20 and 40 mph, can not push the accelerator down hard or it falls on it's nose. does not die out. the surging weill stop if you let off the gas and go back slowly.

The cabin filters have been replaced and I see the Blend door actuator gears turning but not sure if the doors are moving. Someone suggested a vacuum leak but I cant find one

we cut the wires when putting on seat covers how do we fix them my mechanic says it will cost over 1000.00

Took to local Jeep dealer, tech says it normal, it's the throttle body calibrating. However, it wasn't making that sound when I purchased it last November.

The Jeep has cut out while at high speeds and has also shut down at a crawl. I need to stop, turn the vehicle off and then back on the resume driving. This has happened multiple times in the past week. Check engine light came on once, but went off. I do not have the diagnostic codes.

My new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo flashed "shit into park" while driving at 55mph today on a four lane highway and basically went into neutral. I had no choice but to stop and shifted it into park and then tried to put it back in drive. It wouldn't go. I had to turn it off and then the shifter worked. This had only happened once, but I don't want it to happen again. Any thoughts welcome! Thank you!

I've taken 5 small tests and they read towel rack catalyst converter not complete what should I do?

Had new headgaskets put on n the only code is 442

will start with remote start , if you keep trying it starts

knocks when idling, quits when rpm above 2000

After I changed the head gaskets

The "gate" light in my Jeep Liberty came on while driving and would not go off, even though everything was securely shut. As a result, I was unable to lock my vehicle because the alarm would sound. The interior lights also stayed on during this time, which was a hazard when driving at night as it directly affected my ability to see outside my car. I have done some research on this issue and do see that it appears to be a common problem which may be caused by faulty rubber trim around the rear hatch window. The rubber allows water to get in to the latch and eventually ruins it. I recently had the gate latch assembly replaced, which did resolve the issue

light came on afer a stall then seemed to run fine. Day later started to run rough then stalled and wont restart
p0320 nand p0700 are the codes I got

Im looking to purchase a 09 liberty...It has 102K miles on it though. Are there any major issues I should be looking for with this year and model?

no lights come on. just beep, beep, beep (and does it twice) when put in reverse