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after driving for a little while I will get a carbon smell. My MPG had decreased to 12mpg. I replaced the air filter and plugs about a yr ago

My gear in park but my dash says neutral

Still running but won't go in gear

How do you know the gasket is leaking

Compressor clutch continues to click on off , I notice my pressure gauge varies between green and blue on the gauge while compressor clutch engages and disengauges.........please help !

Suddenly loss of ability to accelerate.

i have cool air coming out the dash for defrost, but very little thru the vents in the dash and on the feet

RPM drop while driving.. car switches off after idle power while on neutral. this problem started after washing the engine.

One mechanic says problem was caused by loss of transmission fluid and replace it ($3300). Another mechanic says pull tranny out, check all, clean, etc and re-install? Big invertment for 23cyr old car. But it still looks and drive like brand new. What should i do?

Wheather its cold or warm there is a wrapping noise coming from the head of my engine. I did an oil change using a napa gold filter and 5w 30 full sythetic oil made sure it was topped off in hope the noise would cease with the thicker weight oil. It didnt it goes with the idle and is usually at its worst at idle do i need to replace the head or could it possibly be an intale leak.

want to know how to replace old crs
acked fog lenses

Started with lights on occasion then would not go. Sensor? Or transmission? Try to take off from stop would big down and not go forward more than a few feet then big down again.

Have power in dimmer rheostat and power out of rheostat.. test light dims but have no dash lights period. Been a gear head entire life. ..can't believe all 7 bulbs are blown. Any suggestions?

When I first start my jeep they are off and then when I am driving theyjust turn on. My cruise control will not work when they are on

Does it need to be repair at a shop or can I do it?

was running fine, shifted into lower gear to allow someone to turn and engine just rev'd up. pulled over shut off engine, now it won't start, can hear 1 click from starter but nothing else, I have power, battery's good, bypassed clutch sensor to check if it would start, no dice. clutch plate out?

I just got the vehicle today. I do remember being inside of it and playing with the key fob while inside of it but not while it was in the ignition. Very shortly after, I tried to crank it up and it would not turn over, the radio all of the power and the lights would work fine. I'm convinced that it is an alarm or security system issue or simplistic being as I didn't have any problems with the vehicle 2 minutes prior to being inside of it and fidgeting with the key fob. I've recharged the battery, tried to jump the vehicle off, even tried some tricks I found on the internet to reset the system myself which they all failed. Please help!!! Also I failed to mention there is a little red flaighing light on the dash that I haven't noticed all day. It comes on when you try to turn the key over and crank it up.

mostly when turning right

Car dealership tech said my AC system is contaminated .

in front of driver . Alarm ? New owner .

can't stop hot air coming from vents

My lights on my dash flash off and on. Radio and AC will cut off and back on. Headlights will stop working then work again. One minute the Laredo is ok. The next the lights flash again. I notice when I hit a small dip in the road. Everything cut out but turn back on. I really hope someone know the solution. Only had this vehicle about two months.

Fuel pump is New all lines are good

I found that it emptied it self out, through the vent, that I can NOT find the end of, through normal driving, overheating? There was a tablespoon left in it when drained. I see the rear driveshaft seal was 1/2 way out. There was ATF on the rear window & spare tire cover. No codes came up.

The car has been mostly sitting for four months. I've just driven it enough to keep the battery working until today when I drove it on a highway for 70 miles. That did not make the light go off.

I just drove about 70 miles on a highway and it didn't go off.

My rear plastic window in my Wrangler is too foggy to see through. Is there any solution available to remove this?

Thinking the catalytic converter is stopped up.

After 10-15 minutes of driving, gear lever just flops about, no gears at all. Let it cool and it is Ok but only for another short period of time... HELP...
thanks in advance

When the engine is cold, should I let it warm before driving?