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the heater is not getting to the correct heat also , there is plenty of water in the car with ant`freeze .
after replacing my battery, i have no sound from my radio or cd player. the unit seem to power up but no sound through speakers
It appears to be coming from under the dashboard. It leaks whether the AC is on or off, and do not detect any unusual odors or sounds. My car is a 2008 Jaguar XK and has around 34000 miles. Thank you.
My diff is leaking oil and is having a new gasket fitted. I have heard though that they were recalled due to being faulty. I see no evidence of this.
Changed the battery recently.Engine turns over but won’t start
after driving for 20-40 mins the top radiator hose pops off. the coolant seems to stop circulating, not sure, but the hose gets hard. 2002 Jaguar x-type 2.5
Consistent with the leak is the howling noise of steering until the fluid level is restored. The leakage has become significant.
Radio says a-nm and no am
after closing the trunk I noticed that the emergency release tab was broken and now trunk won't open, it makes a sound like the actuator is still working but won't open
this happen all the time, started off and on about 2 yrs ago had tune up and cat converter put on also, took it to a jag still could not give me the right answere just can not trust this people
Had new air valves and inlet manifold gaskets but still hunting when cold and does it through all gears but ok once warmed up
Every time I restart the car, the clock, radio, blower controls loose settings and return to factory settings (or at least I assume they are factory settings because it is always the same). The clock resets to 1am, the radio turns vol down to zero and looses memory of last station, the CD looses track of last played track, temp resets to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, auto control temp goes back to 72 (or equivalent celsius temp), etc. I have disconnected the battery for 20 mins with no change. I have disconnected the battery and touched jumped positive lead to ground to drain capacitors, with no change. Also, seat does not go back all the way, but this may be unrelated
what do you have to do to remove the mirror from the piece that is attached to the windwshield
i have a 2013 jaguar xj supercharged 3.0 and i smell antifreeze when running idle and at start up but theres no leaks anywhere ive owned this car since nov.22 2017 car has 60.000 miles and my service engine soon light comes on at start up
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