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The car is all locked up, alarm on and sometime later the boot will pop open on its own Anyone know why?
what are my options. it isnt running hot but keeps dying, and when its not dying its running horrible. wont go, cant gas it, thought catalytic converter. the exhaust is not being released. cant get the bolts off myself so guess its gotta go to shop, just dont wnt to get ripped. thanks for your time
Seems to be a computer problem. Which module of the computer should I look at replacing and how much does it cost?
Check engine light came on after stopping the car while idling. I notes some king of oil coming down from the end on the engine. Tuned the car off and check the oil and the coolant fluid both are OK. Started the car and check engine light came on, the car idled for a minutes or two and stopped. What is the problem?
Went 2 put top down and this fluid was pouring out of top
When traveling at speeds of 70mph, the engine warning lights come on without warning and the vehicle has no power. This is a very dangerous situation and should warrant a recall.
Would like to use the motor from one of the other windows if I can, for now.
Sometimes when I am slowing to and still creeping to a full stop I will hear a clunking noise and then the car will come to a sudden stop. When it's time to move on and I increase engine rpm to go, nothing happens. I must increase over 1k rpm and then it reengages, suddenly, and then suddenly leaps ahead. Other times it just shudders a bit when I hit the gas and then drives normally. Not good!
I can't find the special Tool to release the Quick Fit Jaguar Special Tool # 303 1496. Can any Body help?
The heater hose (Part # MNC6733AE) has 5 connection points. 3 are regular slip over connections secured by spring clamps. Two have "quick release" fittings The one on the left side of the motor can be manipulated by hand the other fitting on the right side of the motor requires some sort of tool. What is the tool. how does it work' and where can I get one?
I have never seen this fitting before. Some one I know said it is a "Quick release" and that there is a very simple tool to take it apart. If so where can I find one and how do they work?
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