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Fill tank with fuel, gauge reads full, drive 100 miles gauge drops to empty. Replaced fuel sending unit, same problem. Could be faulty wiring, but the gauge dosen’t Respond to what the sending unit says it should.
Alot of back firing
What's it mean when deck says A MEM NO-AM
Radio says a-nm and no am
what tool is required to release belt tensioner in order to replace the serpentine belt
Have replaced both HID units. Daytime running lights work, but low beams do not.
My back left tire is bent inward don't know what happened but the traction control and stability control messages are showing. There is a grind and a wobble. I'm wondering of this has something to do with an axle
Ok so some, previouse owner put in a home light switch one of the three switch boxes and wired it off the original light box dim board. My blinkers don't work but hazards do. Help need wire diagram please
There isn't more to add!! I have no access to trunk where battery is located and, therefore, cannot charge battery!!! Cannot drive/move my car. Help!! Suggestion please!!
No power going to the car new battery what can do that
No power at all but a new battery it just look like to me they is a good thing that it is the security council
Want to know what this means and where switch is located
This is for my 98 Jaguar XJ8 vanden plas
Cannot get out of vale mode and keyless entry does not work with the installation of a used module
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