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Want to know what this means and where switch is located
This is for my 98 Jaguar XJ8 vanden plas
Cannot get out of vale mode and keyless entry does not work with the installation of a used module
Air conditioner is working but it's not blowing cold air at any speed inside the car you can feel very cold air when touching outlets.
Can I do something my self or this is more serious problem ?
When I turn the car off it won't start back up automatically the lights start flickering the seats going up and back there are some clicking the windshield wipers do intermittent wiping and then maybe the car might start like its resetting itself
What fuse controls luggage compartment lights
passenger brake light stays on at all times. I have to take out the bulb so it doesn't drain my battery. I was told it was a module but don't know where that is.
bulbs,fuse ok. current 3.89v delivered at the harness socket
My combined tail light module is burned out and now I don't have any tail lights brake lights or turn signals in the rear
Also how do I know if I need a new alternator or a new batterry
My car gives up power once in a while press on gas and doesn't take off I can be driving and gas paddle I can push all the way down and nothing..
after shutting glove box went to re-open and box is jammed. Pressing button makes buzzing sound behind the box electronically opened?
this also only occurs on my way home - in the morning i never get the noise at all , after work frm the first stop as I came to a stop, it lets out a crazy groan/noise especially when you are braking slowly ?? Seems that it is when it is warmer outside?? it almost is every time it stops
Sometimes my vehicle doesn't rise back up.
The battery is dead. My key will not open the trunk. Is there an alternate way to open the trunk besides the key? Is there a release somewhere in or under the car?
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