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bulbs,fuse ok. current 3.89v delivered at the harness socket
My combined tail light module is burned out and now I don't have any tail lights brake lights or turn signals in the rear
rear wheel bearing need to be replaced can not get brake cable and emergency brake shoes off to remove hub hub is off axle caliper and assembly is removed i have no more to add how do i get brake cable off and since you ask for more how do i get bearings out without press
added fluid to reservoir , it helped but now worse
Also how do I know if I need a new alternator or a new batterry
Not every day but now fauksafe engine mode comes on and off
When started this warning comes on and stays on.
po333, Knock sensor 2 (bank 2)
po335, crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction
po442, po445, evap emission control leak and central control leak large
side. All other doors work.
I have to remove my old plate and need an answer to do this
I have replaced the oil pan gasket twice thinking I may have done it wrong the first time but it still leaks. Will leak a 1/2 quart in 2 weeks parked in the garage. Can't figure out where its coming from.
My car gives up power once in a while press on gas and doesn't take off I can be driving and gas paddle I can push all the way down and nothing..
my A/C isn't blowing cold and need to refill it but I don.t know where to plug it in.
after shutting glove box went to re-open and box is jammed. Pressing button makes buzzing sound behind the box electronically opened?
the amber engine lite stays on, and the restricted performance flashes on than goes away, but keeps doing that.
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