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Windshield question

Check engine light went on today; according to the 1996 owners manual it reads as such: "Lights up when a power train fault is indicated. The power train management system is very complex and requires specialized diagnosis equipment to repair. A limp home capability is incorporated in this engine management system, therefore the vehicle may still be driven gently.

radio works ok ,will also play cassettes with out any problems

Air conditioner is working but it's not blowing cold air at any speed inside the car you can feel very cold air when touching outlets.
Can I do something my self or this is more serious problem ?

AC seems to be working, just no air coming from vents

When I turn the car off it won't start back up automatically the lights start flickering the seats going up and back there are some clicking the windshield wipers do intermittent wiping and then maybe the car might start like its resetting itself

Coincidentally, I had the same problem w/a 99 XJ8 I owned. Is this common? The odds are astronomical against it being just me on 2 jags, different models and 6 yrs apart. Anybody?

Engine wont start,lost the electrics to the central locking ,only drivers door working.No power to open boot.on the dash warning says Fault with handbrake.
Ive checked all fuses connected with this in the engine bay,passenger compartment and the boot.All appear good. Ive also did the test from the drivers seat but I don't know what the codes mean.

Problem just happened two days ago came out and it won't idle up like it supposed to be

Vehicle was repaired tail lights disconnected and removed now tail lights are not working correctly they are dimming and there are warning lights saying no right rear tail light and brake light and bulbs are very dim.

The headlight adjuster tabs break on every owner i have talked to and your headlights point to the ground and you have no visibility or way to adjust them without replacing your whole headlight assembly for about $1,000.. How is Ford getting away with this if they are not responsible for their faulty products?

What fuse controls luggage compartment lights

Mirror is hanging from housing by electrical wire connectors

passenger brake light stays on at all times. I have to take out the bulb so it doesn't drain my battery. I was told it was a module but don't know where that is.

It seems there is leak in the small radiator for the supercharge system.

bulbs,fuse ok. current 3.89v delivered at the harness socket

My combined tail light module is burned out and now I don't have any tail lights brake lights or turn signals in the rear

rear wheel bearing need to be replaced can not get brake cable and emergency brake shoes off to remove hub hub is off axle caliper and assembly is removed i have no more to add how do i get brake cable off and since you ask for more how do i get bearings out without press

added fluid to reservoir , it helped but now worse

Also how do I know if I need a new alternator or a new batterry

Not every day but now fauksafe engine mode comes on and off

When started this warning comes on and stays on.

po333, Knock sensor 2 (bank 2)
po335, crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction
po442, po445, evap emission control leak and central control leak large

side. All other doors work.

I have to remove my old plate and need an answer to do this

I have replaced the oil pan gasket twice thinking I may have done it wrong the first time but it still leaks. Will leak a 1/2 quart in 2 weeks parked in the garage. Can't figure out where its coming from.

My car gives up power once in a while press on gas and doesn't take off I can be driving and gas paddle I can push all the way down and nothing..

my A/C isn't blowing cold and need to refill it but I don.t know where to plug it in.

after shutting glove box went to re-open and box is jammed. Pressing button makes buzzing sound behind the box electronically opened?

the amber engine lite stays on, and the restricted performance flashes on than goes away, but keeps doing that.