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2002 isuzu rodeo 2.2 4cyl needed name for water manifold that supply the heater and bypass connects to so i may order part
I have replaced the light bulb 3 times in a month
starts up easy,runs 2-3 minutes then quits,but starts right back again
The window wont stay open that is above the back door, it almost seems like the compression is low., because the window comes down slow
Car hesitates on acceleration, hard starting. Replaced fuel filter, rebuilt trans, new IAT MAF and MAP sensors. Replaced spark plugs, checked for exhaust and vacuum leaks.
My key ignition cylinder is jammed by 1/4 of my key. I was using my ignition switch to start my vehicle, my ignition switch broke so now I am replacing it. I have an 2002 Isuzu trooper
My 2001 Isuzu Trooper was parked for nearly a year inside my garage. I put a new battery in it and it started just fine. Let in run a while and drove it around the block a few times. The next day as I’m driving down the road I suddenly lose power, I tried getting back up to speed and the rpm would just sky rocket. I came to a stop sign and from there I could not shift into 2nd gear and rpm was still going high at about 4,000 rpm. The problem is now consistent. Is my transmission bad? Why did it run fine the first day and shift properly but not the second day?
How do I fix this problem myself with the switches not working on driver door?
I can put it in reverse and it will drive backwards. It won't go in any other gears.
The mirror housing has been manually pushed back over the ratchet and it now slips back over the "knobs".
how to put the tire cover on the spare tire.
Engine turns off when I slow down or steering becomes strong when I slow down. If not allowed to steam for about ten minutes in the morning, it won't accelerate well, and will consume more fuel for the rest of the day.
Head Light assembly needs to be replaced but as I understand it I must remove the front grill first but don't know how.
Rodeo never over heated water never leak but had to keep putting water in it now I need a new timeing belt and eater pump could engine be bad
Some times stop for a few seconds
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