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On the steering column, about halfway down there is a rubber cover. Mine has torn so I'm in need of a replacement. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I just don't know what to search for exactly.
G-day yeah, it just started slipping out of second at first. Made an appointment and then on the way to get it fixed, suddenly there was no gears at all, just stayed in neutral. And the leavers, or the two cables that I could see seemed to be working alright right down to the gear box. So I think the problem is inside the gear box its self. And was just wondering if this same problem has happened to others. And was it expensive, or is there an inexpensive solution? Or could it be a variety of possibilities, however I didn't hear any crunching or snapping noises going on. But it just started slipping out and then almost as if something got wedged in the wrong place I think. But still I am no expert, so that's why I am sending this message hopping for some expert advice.
cabin is leaning on the left side.detecting the bolt at the end of broke down and the bar is hanging .
It goes almost to the floor before it catches.
I put a new head gasget on my 1995 Isuzu truck 2.3 put it all back together it cranks runs great for 3 or 4 seconds then just dies. it ran great before replacing the head gasget, just ran hot, now it wont stay running
We can't find diagrams anywhere,w/o purchase of Chiltons manual.
Truck cranks but will not catch.
What codes is it when the light flashes 1 time than pauses than flashes 2 times with the key on engine off. Than with the key on engine running the cel flashes 3 times pauses than flashes 4 times. Any idea on what the codes can be?
I connected the two wires and the cel flashed once paused and than flashed twice.
I have a reading of 5.7 volts .
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